Frédérick BousquetSo, spring is here (though it really hasn’t felt like it in the past few weeks) and that means we’ll start seeing a lot more skin and guys showing off. One of my favorite sports to watch is swimming. I mean, where else can you sit back and watch hot, lean mean get all wet and practice their strokes? Today’s crush is Frédérick Bousquet who’s the culmination of all the things I like: a swimmer, French, a bad boy, tattoos. I mean, seriously, can we import this guy?

Though I believe I’ve seen him in action long ago and during the Olympics, he didn’t land on my radar until recently when I came across photos leaked from a cyber sex session he had with someone. Let’s just say there’s really little left to the imagination now when it comes to Frédérick and I wouldn’t mind going a few laps with him or helping him perfect his stroke.

To see some NSFW pics of what lies beneath those speedos, check out the Tumblr page throughout the day.

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Frederick Bousquet

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