Sean RoyerWe all love muscles and I’m a fan of DILFs so today’s crush just gets me all kinds of excited: it’s bodybuilder and fitness model Sean Royer. I came across him (no dirty pun intended) in the pages of Muscle & Fitness magazine. He’s an NPC Natural National level bodybuilder currently sponsored by Optimun Nutrition/American Bodybuilding, Palm Beach Tan and Lana’s Egg Whites.

On his ModelMayhem profile he states that his passion is for fitness modeling and outlines how dedicated he is to being a professional whenever he goes for a shoot. Sean works hard to keep up his physique and you can tell that the work has definitely paid off. Clearly he enjoys pumping iron and I gotta admit, after checking out his portfolio I’ve decided I’ve got something he can pump and work out.

You can find Sean on Facebook and follow him on Twitter @RGLR.

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Sean Royer

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