Jorge SantiagoToday’s crush comes from Brazil – mixed martial artist Jorge Santiago. Some of you may know who he is while others may be scratching your head and be curious to know more about this hottie. He started his career at Reality Fighting 2 in 2002 when he won over Jose Rodriguez. In the following years he won an 11-5 record after having fought for Absolute Fighting Championships, King of the Cage and a few other organizations. In 2006 he signed with UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) but didn’t exactly find all the success he thought he would while there. He left for a bit but in February of this year returned to the UFC with a multi-fight contract.

There’s something a bit alluring and hot about seeing two muscled-up, fit guys bang each other up. I can’t say I’m an avid viewer of UFC but I’d definitely be able to sit around and watch Jorge get worked up. Check out a few pics of him below including a nice shot of him at a weigh in.

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Jorge Santiago

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