tips for looking younger and healthierLike that lesser known song by Jessica Simpson goes, “A little bit goes a long ways.” The whole point of getting healthy, eating right, being fit is to look better and be the envy of all. Let’s face it; that’s really superficial, it’s selfish but it’s the truth. Even I was motivated (in part) to lose weight just so I could prove people wrong and make certain people regret overlooking me. If you are in the same mind-frame as I am, finding the route that works for you can lead you on the right track of leading a healthier lifestyle. If you’re someone who has tried supplements, but were not consistent with it, doing some research into PhenQ may change you mind. Natural products are the way to go. This means that PhenQ is safer than many (or Cela signifie que PhenQ est plus sûr que beaucoup if you speak french) supplements that are out there. This may be something worth considering if you are serious about losing weight. By getting healthy and fit –and setting out to transform from fatty to fab is never a bad goal. Every guy (and girl, though this blog isn’t really written for women), wants to be crush worthy. Not every guy though has the money, time, resources or motivation though to get fit and trim though they should. It’s mad because I have a friend of mine that has started cultivating cannabis for CBD, I told him he should probably start a CBD wellness company but he’s said he’s using it for personal use to benefit his health, feel better physically and mentally, and you guessed it, look younger.

I see people on television all of the time complaining that they look bad; they want Tyra to make them over, they want people like Rachel Ray to tell them they look good as they are and people like Oprah to tell them to embrace themselves as they are – blubber and all. People also like to admit defeat and concede the battle by trying to convince others and themselves that they look good, plus size and fat and all. As someone who used to be fat and still has work to be done, I can tell you – I used that excuse and it was just that, an excuse. I wasn’t happy being fat; I was depressed. When you’re fat you feel dragged down, tired, worn out and more like a spectator observing other people live while you just … well, observe.

So, there are easy ways to look younger and cut out some of the unnecessary, harmful things that end up making you look older than you really are. First, drink water. Drink water, tea and leave it at that. Sodas are loaded with sugar – both regular and diet. These end up draining you and pulling all of the things that lead to healthy skin (and a healthy body), out, leaving you with a worn out, hung to dry look. Drink water, and don’t necessarily go for that “8 glasses a day” thing. If all you drink is water, then you’re flushing out your body and replenishing your muscles and skeleton with needed nutrients. If you don’t like the taste of water, I suggest buying a filter (Brita is what I use) to take that toilet-scent out of the water. Also, don’t fall victim to the whole ‘vitamin water’ craze; that stuff has artificial flavors and tons of sugar in it. There’s nothing healthy about it. Make your own flavored water by putting slices of fresh fruit in a cup and pouring water over it and letting that set for a while; you’ll have your own posh spa water.

Eat more vegetables and fruit! I always suggest people go vegetarian, but that’s a bigger commitment than some are willing to make. But, veggies have all the vitamins and minerals you need to be health. You need to eat veggies of all textures, shapes and colors. What people don’t know is that vegetables (and fruits for that matter) contain water, so if you’re a vegetarian and stick to drinking water then you end up increasing your consumption of water. Bonus win! Now, I hate to break it to you and those carnivore lovers out there but it’s the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in vegetables that make you healthy. Plus, and I’m sorry to break it to you folks but meat oftentimes is packed full of hormones and chemicals that farmers use to keep their cattle and livestock from keeling over. The hormones and chemicals they use plump up the animals, keep them alive past their expiry date, make the animals truly unhappy and unhealthy, and even when they’re crushed up, cut up, sliced, and served to you, those hormones and chemicals are still there and YOU’RE eating them! Lucky, lucky, you. Yes, vegetables and fruits suffer a similar fate with pesticides but even eating non-organic vegetables and fruits and cutting the meat will have you losing a heck of a lot of fat and weight in a healthy manner. Plus, the more vegetables and fruits you consume, the more minerals and good nutrients you’re getting and your skin and body is going to look good. Combining this with some liposome spray can help the body extract even more of those good nutrients, which is even better news for the body. Eating veggies is like getting the ultimate spa treatment or facelift without the price tag or surgery – it’s awesome.

Go substance free. This is my biggest health tip that people scoff at. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs and I don’t try to put myself in any environment where a lot that goes on. The easiest way to improve your health and look younger is to stop polluting your body with unnecessary, frivolous substances. I don’t care what study or nutritional journal says having red wine or a pint of beer is good for you, listen … it’s unnecessary calories, carbs and it makes you fat and makes you look years older. Ditto for cigarettes and other substances that you smoke – they may make you skinny or seem harmless but they’re sucking the health and nutrients right out of you. Smoking can also cause other health problems too, such as lung problems and even oral problems. Smoking has been known to cause gum disease before now, causing people’s teeth to stain and rot. This is never an attractive trait, so some people may want to visit a Family Dentistry clinic in their local area to whiten the teeth and remove these stains. That’s one way of making yourself look healthier. Quitting smoking and drinking is an easy way to look younger. They both cause many health problems, so it’s not worth wasting your money on these substances.

Exercise at least 30 minutes a day. It’s really not all that hard. There’s tons of exercises you can do by just using your own bodyweight like pushups, pullups, shadowboxing. There are other activities that require minimal equipment like dumbbells and a jump rope. If you don’t like going to gyms, you’re not alone, I hate them! I’ve never had a gym membership and don’t really plan on getting one anytime soon. I lost 60 lbs just by eating better and working out at home and running. Just get up and do something physical each day. Set a goal not of how much weight you can lift or how many sets and reps you’re going to do; just aim for spending a set amount of time exercising each day. You’ll find that as time goes on and as you get more accustomed to exercise being a part of your day, the time you spend on it will increase and so will the number of reps and amount of weight you lift or miles you run.

These few things are the tenets to a healthier and better lifestyle. None require a huge financial commitment and are impossible to do. You do these things and not only will you lose weight but you’re going to start looking younger and looking healthier (because you will be healthy on the outside and inside).

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