Tom FordIt’s Friday and I have the perfect guy to end the work week: a real man. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy the men I select for the blog and have featured many from the fashion/modeling industry but few of them hold a candle to the one and only Tom Ford. Sure, he’s gay, but he exudes masculinity and has a take-no-prisoner demeanor. He’s intimidating, he may not always come off as the friendliest of guys but he’s rugged, good looking and is a guy who’s all about exceeding expectations and delivering the best possible product at the end of the day.

I have to admit that the hair does it for me. As you can tell from the pics, Tom is a bit retro in that he isn’t one of these overly manscaped-guys. The open shirt sporting a hairy chest. I just want to bury my face all up in that. In addition to his fashion career Tom Ford entered the world of directing with the film A Single Man which earned a lot of praise and attention. It’s nice to see a gay guy capable of finding success without porn being involved!

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Tom Ford

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