Trey SongzWell, since D’Angelo got all fat and nasty looking hip-hop needed a new “it” guy with a rockin’ bod so Trey Songz fills that need. I’ll have to be honest – I don’t really listen to Trey Songz’s music much but I check out his body quite often. Here’s what works for me: he’s always put together, he keeps his body in awesome shape and he makes some pretty queer music like the song “Bottom’s Up.” Lord, it’s about time someone wrote an anthem for bottoms. Wait, that’s not what the track’s about? Oh well …

There are constant rumors swirling around Trey and his sexuality. My oh my, why ever would anyone think he’s gay? Could it be odd song titles like “Bottom’s Up” or the fact that he’s so well put together all the time and has a good grasp on fashion? Or that he keeps his body is such tight, awesomely toned shape? He always boasts about how he invented sex. He’s said he’s “so far from gay” so I guess his gayness is just in our little fantasies. An interesting fellow, this Trey Songz is. You can follow Trey on Twitter @TreySongz and check out his pics below.

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Trey Songz

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