yoga for menI’m not a certified personal trainer but I’m all into exercising and fitness. So much so, I have considered getting an online personal trainer certification so that I can help others out. When I’m out running, I take note to observe those around me and see how they approach their fitness. Running is one of those exercises that you really can’t modify to make easier – you either run fast or you run slow; you have a quick pace or a slow one. Yet, other exercises aren’t the same. There’s always an easy and hard way of doing many of the exercises. There’s a modified jumping jack (something which I still don’t understand), a modified pushup (meaning you go down on your knees and pretty much render the exercise ineffective), and super-light weights that give you no resistance. There’s also this split or belief that there are women and men’s fitness and exercise, meaning women are told to take it easy, that there’s no way they can do what a man can so go super light on the weights, don’t push yourself as hard. Men, you’re told you MUST bench at least 140 lbs, you have to run 10 miles, do a billion crunches because that’s the only way you’ll see abs. Psssh, please. While I understand that there are modified exercises to help some people with their fitness, and there are supplements such as Active PK (read active pk reviews here) that aid with longevity so you can get the most out of your workout. I’m not sure about the gender politics that is trying to be pushed into exercise.

Too often exercise becomes a form of gender discrimination. Above all, we forget that we’re all human and the only thing that really makes us different and functions differently is the hormones that distinguish men and women. Beyond that, there’s no reason a woman can’t lift 10 lbs, or even 40 or 50 lbs. There’s no reason a man can’t do yoga or pilates to build his core and abs. If you really want the perfect body, you need to mix it up and challenge your body and muscles. Maybe try some different forms of exercise once in a while – activities like charlotte tennis lessons seem to be very popular, and they may be worth checking out if you’re looking for a fun new hobby as well as a new workout activity. Want the ultimate workout? Do some research online for the most effective workouts, or consider incorporating a personal trainer into your exercise routine to see if they can help you to change your life and become fitter. Often, personal trainers will create a customized plan for each individual, ensuring that the exercises they are doing will be beneficial for them. Sometimes having some extra help can motivate an individual to lose weight and increase their fitness.

For women, the complaint is often that they can’t lose weight quick enough. It’s so easy for men to drop the pounds while women see fewer results or they see the results and it takes longer for them to come around. Why is that? Because the exercises designed for men are often all about resistance. With resistance comes challenge and the more of a challenge your muscles face, the bigger they are. The more muscle you build, the higher your metabolism will be and you’ll burn calories and fat quicker, leading to a leaner, fitter, slimmer you. Nothing irritates me more than these light weights that weigh something like 2 or 3 lbs and women lifting them as if they’re Atlas trying to balance the world on their shoulders. Sorry to say but if a bag of potato chips or soup can weighs more than the weights your lifting, you aren’t getting a workout. You want results, right? Then gradually lift heavier weights. Start off light but when you can perform 15-20 reps (lifts) without a struggle or breaking a sweat, it’s time to go heavier. Increase the amount of weight your lifting by 2-3 bounds every few weeks. Trust me, you aren’t going to build muscle and be bulky like a man. Instead, you’re going to add lean muscle to your body which is going to help you slim down quicker and keep the weight and fat off.

Women, stop giving into the idea that you are inferior to men and can’t do what they do when it comes to exercise! You can lift a barbbell or some dumbbells just like men and doing so will help you tone your upper and lower body. I know you think running or jogging is too much to handle but why are you walking and expecting the same results as runners do? If you want to slim down and see those 10,000 steps that Dr. Oz and others recommend you get in each day really pay off, JOG, RUN! You don’t have to run as if you’re in a marathon: just set a time, say 10 or 20 minutes a day, and go at a comfortable pace. Believe me, after a week or two you will not want to walk again for your fitness. Also, don’t go too easy on yourself. Get up off of those knees and hammer out a pushup or two; do some pullups; work on your bench press. If you’re envious of how easy a man can lose weight or get fit, then don’t sit around and pout, do what they’re doing!

Men. Oh, dear insecure men. We want quick fixes when it comes to exercise. We think doing tons of crunches is going to take us from flab to abs in just a week. Stop. You need to look to your female counterparts for some tips. Why do exercises aimed toward women (same goes for women who should do exercises designed for men)? Because these exercises and routines are going to hit muscles that you are more than likely ignoring with your gender-specific routine. Pilates and yoga is an awesome way to build a chiseled core. Sure, it means slowing down and focusing on technique rather than grunting and going hardcore at something but you’ll be surprised by how these exercises that women often do are fit for you as well. For cardio, instead of running like a maniac … why not jump rope? Jumping rope is something our society often views as being for little girls in school yards but it’s also something that boxers do for cardio training and conditioning. It helps with coordination and endurance and just 10 minutes of jumping rope can burn as many calories as running for 30 minutes. Also, women’s exercise routines often include dance. Dance is something many stay away from but it’s another great total-body workout that can help you tone up and build muscle.

You’ve heard of cross dressing and with this article, you know that cross-exercising and that it can be a good thing. We’re all human – we forget that when it comes to exercise. Any exercise designed for a man can be done by a woman, even if modified or scaled back a bit. Any man can do a routine made for a woman and all they have to do is add more resistance (weight) and they’ll get the benefits from it, too.

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  1. Yes your right, this is what ive done for years, i do running and rowing in the gym, along with upperbody weights. I dont stick to the fat burn when i do cardio, i exercise for fitness without having to think about loosing weight. Most people view me as thin and people (women) are suprised when they find out how i eat as its often more then they can. I see a lot of women in gyms ive been to who are afraid to break sweat and even exercising with there make up on. Most do walking pace on a cross trainer and then do lots of sit ups afterwards. I bet its womens magazines thay give out the rubish exercise advice.


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