Tyler TorroOh no … The Man Crush Blog’s going … straight?! Not exactly – but our hump-day “fluffer” for the day is slightly heterosexual. It’s the very hot and ripped Tyler Torro. This guy is probably known more for his abs and near perfect body than he is for his body of porn work, though that’s nothing short of amazing as well. This pillar of hotness stands at 6’1″and is just pure muscle and sex. When he’s not working it for the cameras he’s training in the gym and is a personal trainer. Oh Mr. Tyler, I think I need working out! I don’t mind getting into compromising positions and breaking a sweat! He’s done both straight and gay porn making him a non-discriminatory crush since he spreads the love on both sides of the aisle. You can follow him on Twitter @tylertorroxxx.

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Tyler Torro

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