Michael ZdanowskiToday’s crush is a bit of a mystery. I came across this model’s photos on Tumblr. His name is Michael Zdanowski and he’s represented by Chicago’s Chosen Management. To say the least, this guy is hot. It’s definitely his eyes that get your attention first and then you notice his great physique and hot everything else. It was a no brainer to feature him on this blog so as with most crushes,  I proceeded to Google him and found a slew of photos from his portfolio. What’s missing though is background information on him. I can’t find a bio, a Twitter, a Facebook … zilch. That’s a bit of a let down – this I’m sure has everyone wanting to know more about him beyond the photos. So, the only thing I can tell you is some of his stats from his modeling card: he goes by Michael Z sometimes; 6’2″ with a 32″ waist, size 12 shoe (yes Sweet baby Jesus!), brown hair and blue eyes.

Hm, even knowing that I’d still like to know a bit more about this model’s background. Perhaps it’s the mystery that makes him a bit more attractive and

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Michael Zdanowski

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