So, do you feel the pressure? We’re now in March and while we’re still experiencing some cooler temperatures, it feels like we’re slowly digging ourselves from winter’s evil clutches. Spring officially starts on March 20 and you know what that means: warmer temperatures, budding flowers and plants and the realization that beach and shirtless season will soon be upon us. Oh gosh. I know, you probably are slapping your forehead in dread. All that snow, the coldness, the lack of motivation to keep up your pre-holiday fitness routine going … it’s probably catching up to you. You want all of the girls and all the boys to beg if you seek amy but you probably aren’t looking all that hot these days.

You need a quick fix and you need to shed a few pounds and fat quick. You know that Omega 7 acts as a natural fat burner so you consider getting some supplements to help you on your fitness journey. Get healthy and jack your fat loss with these healthy, natural methods:

Workout at 6:30 in the morning. Oh, this seems unusually cruel. You probably have no desire to get up before noon let alone workout but one way to have your exercise truly pay off is to workout early in the morning. After you’ve been sleeping your body is in a state of fasting and is ready to burn some calories. As the day goes on, your metabolism slows, your body is warmed up and it becomes harder for you to burn calories and fat. Get your workout in early in the morning – you’ll burn more calories and fat than you would if you delayed your workout till the afternoon or evening.

Do pushups every morning. Pushups are one of those total-body moves that many guys overlook because they think it has few benefits. It works multiple muscle groups, including your abs. Going off the first tip, you know the exercise you do in the morning is better than the exercise you may do later in the day. You may have little time to do a full workout in the morning so choose this compound move that’ll work your entire body in little time. Try to increase the number of pushups you do each day and after a few weeks, add in some variations to the pushups to keep challenging yourself.

Try yoga. Oh, I know. Yoga is for hippies and desperate housewives. Did you know that you could easily burn 200-500 calories in a typical yoga class (source: Men’s Fitness)? Yoga has tons of benefits including lower stress levels, increased flexibility and is a great way to workout using your body’s weight rather than equipment. Yoga lowers your body’s cortisol levels so that your body will store fewer calories as fat. Massages and acupuncture can also help reduce inflammation and decrease weight gain. You could also consider completing a yoga course that would teach you the basics and allow you to go on to teach others about the benefits of yoga (300 hour yoga teacher training india). Although, there is some stigma around yoga it can be very beneficial for weight loss and something you may want to consider.

Drink more water. Guys – your body is mostly water. Not alcohol, not Red Bull or Four Loco, but water. Drink water. Lots of it. All day, every hour, every week. The more water you drink, the fuller your muscles will be. A lot of guys like to run, workout, sweat and that actually takes the water out of your body. Sure you may look a bit more ripped as a result but being dehydrated is like riding around in a car that’s out of gas – overall a bad idea. Drink water before a meal – you’ll feel fuller and will consume less calories. Drink it before and during exercise. You know what, just drink it all day and all the time. Want to really speed up your fat loss? Drink unsweetened green tea (green tea speeds your metabolism, burning more fat and helping you to shed more weight).

Surround yourself with healthy snacks. You may eat relatively healthy meals but fall prey to tempting snacks. So why tempt yourself? Find healthier snacks and surround yourself with them. Do you need something sweet? Instead of going for candy, why not try a slightly sweet cereal such as Special K or chocolate Cheerios? Or do you notice that you snack more at home than you do at work? Move all your tempting food from your home to your work space so that late at night, those temptations aren’t there for you to indulge in. You shouldn’t starve yourself but find healthy alternatives to bad snacks. Try some nuts (get your mind out the gutter), fruits for a natural sweetness or cocoa 80% or higher.

Spice things up. Oh, I know how you boys like things hot and actually, hot and spicy foods can help speed your metabolism. Using more hot sauce could help you eat slower and eat less. Research has even suggested that hot sauce could help speed your metabolism thanks to compounds found in chilies.

Go for a mint after a meal. Mint-flavored toothpaste or sugar-free mint gum will signal to your brain that it’s time to stop stuffing your face and call it quits on eating. Also, once that mint flavor hits your tastebuds it will make most foods taste less appetizing and will kill your appetite quickly.

Have a designated eating area. Ok, where do you eat? Is it in front of a television or a computer? Probably and in that case, you need to find a new eating place in your home. Many people eat mindlessly and on cue. If you eat in front of a television, you’ll eat as long as a show is on or as long as you’re watching the television, meaning you’ll eat without noting when you’re actually full and done. Eat at a table that’s away from any gadgets, televisions or computers or in your kitchen – you’ll be more mindful of what you’re eating and will know when you’re full and done.

Try a fast or cleanse. This is one tip I say use as a last resort rather than the first thing you do when trying to lose weight. There are a slew of cleanses and fasts out there but really, they aren’t necessary if you do one or more of the seven tips above. If you’ve tried a cleanse, but have not seen any changes, maybe it is time to switch things up a bit. Even if it means looking to buy sarms which could help with weight loss. But just like with anything, be sure to do your research, just so you know what you’re getting yourself into. If you do want to try fasts or cleanses though, they could potentially help jump-start weight loss or could be used to help get you un-addicted to bad foods by “re-setting” your taste buds, enabling you to appreciate healthier, less-fattening foods more.

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