Anthony RomeroSeems like visitors to the blog enjoyed last week’s “Fluffer” hump-day post so we’ll be bringing you some slightly naughty men of adult films each Wednesday from here on. Today’s “fluffer” is sort of the new kid on the block, Anthony Romero. He’s the latest guy to join the slew of hotness coming forth from Dominic Ford.  I first took notice of him when I noticed that Austin Wilde posted a photo of him on Facebook. Turns out these two hot items are dating! Later, Anthony started following me on Twitter and my crush was sealed with a tweet. Dominic Ford described Romero as having a gorgeous face, perfect body and as being a super bottom. Uhm, got my attention! Check out Anthony’s page on to see even more photos of him, including some very NSFW pics and some that are in 3-D (seriously) and follow him on Twitter @AnthyRomero. Anthony also maintains a blog that I think you all should check out by clicking here.

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Anthony Romero

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