Andre DavidsWhat better way to end the work week than with a little muscle? Today’s crush comes from Sydney, Australia – fitness model and body builder Andre Davids. As you may know for the various “Jacked” fitness and exercise posts on the blog, I’m all into staying fit and rising to the next level. If anyone is the epitome of my outlook on pushing one’s self to be the best and always to strive for more, it’s Andre Davids.

Andre got started with his weight training routine after suffering a sports injury and needing to do something that would rehabilitate and strengthen his muscles. After he got into it, he found that he liked it and continued with it beyond the rehabilitation period. On his Body Space profile on he says, “I love the personal challenge of being the best you can be. I love continually pushing myself to improve and seeing the physical change it results in. Not to mention the mental strength, commitment and passion required to excel.” He’s currently training for the WBFF World Titles which is being used to push him even further into his fitness regimen. You can follow him on Twitter @AndreFitness or become a fan of his fitness group on Facebook.

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Andre Davids

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