Derek Allen WatsonThis pick was truly elementary in regards to dear Derek Watson. This very hot guy came to my attention via Twitter and the moment I scrolled through his portfolio of work, I was sold. Derek is a model and honestly I don’t see why this guy isn’t all over the place. I’m hoping after this post his legion of fans will grow and we can convince the world that we need to see more of this guy. Speaking of seeing more, you can tell from the pics below that he has no issues showing of his “body of work” and he is just pure eye candy. I’m seriously suffering from a sugar rush just checking him out.

Derek is originally from Cleveland, Ohio but made the move to New York like most aspiring model types. Since being in NYC he’s appeared in a few off-Broadway productions, made an appearance on Gossip Girl and appeared on Saturday Night Live. The best part is that with his growing fame and popularity, he’s still pretty down to Earth and doesn’t have an ego as some models do. He’s all about interacting with his fans and is a rather entertaining guy to get to know. You can follow him on Twitter @_derekallen, “like” him on Facebook, and check out his ModelMayhem profile.

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Derek Allen Watson

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  1. Nice skinny body that photographs well, but the guy does have a huge ego and is a total asshole in real life. That’s the reason why he isn’t all over the place.

  2. So many white guys on these Man Crush of the Days…. what’s up with that?

    I know there are a variety of studs with various ethnic and cultural backgrounds.


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