Alex PettyferSome of you may have ventured out to see the movie I Am Number Four over the weekend and if so, you probably enjoyed the film’s leading man more so than the plot. From the box office returns, the title perhaps should have aimed a bit higher because movie goers didn’t do much to make this film a hit. There was something that ranked high in the film in my books and that’s the leading man, Alex Pettyfer. For those unfamiliar with him, Alex Pettyfer is an English model turned actor. He hasn’t been in any films of real notoriety or impact but that doesn’t keep him from being crush worthy. Looking through his modeling pics, he’s definitely getting better looking with age and has that hot  English/British look to him that’s definitely swoon-worthy.

Pettyfer was dating Dianna Agron from Glee, his I Am Number Four co-star but over the weekend they split. Hm, could their little love affair have been a ploy to draw attention to the film? Never, that’d never happen in Hollywood! Anyways, seems like he’s single and I’d be more than happy to mingle with him a bit.

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Alex Pettyfer

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