Chad White Details Magazine March 2011As mentioned a few days ago, men’s lifestyle and fashion magazine Details is going through a bit of a re-vamp this year. They’ve added a new section to its magazine – The Body – and are launching it with a lot of fanfare and attention. Seems like they’re showing a helluva lot more skin in the issue than in the past and I’m definitely a fan. Details has always felt like a closeted magazine: very queer, very homo-erotic photography but it tries a bit too hard to market and come off as straight-acting. I’m definitely glad to see it’s loosening up a bit with The Body. One article in the magazine is all about body-weight exercises you can do (exercises that require no equipment since you use your body as the main resistance/weight) and to help illustrate some moves they tapped popular male model Chad White to show us how get our bodies in shape. I’m usually not a fan of guys in sweats since they’re usually out of shape and nothing you’d want to stare at longer than a few seconds but Chad White definitely makes it all work. Check out more pics from the article below and if you didn’t already read it, see my first post on Details’ new makeover by clicking here.

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Chad White Details March 2011

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