Bryan SolusSo it’s Valentine’s Day and I figured for all of us single men (and ladies) out there, we deserved our candy and hot guy just like everyone else. So I racked my brain trying to figure out who I should feature today. I didn’t want to go with the expected but I wanted someone who was truly crush worthy. Then it was as if God himself heard me because as I was scrolling through my Twitter followers I came across this hot model.

Bryan Solus (or Bryan So-lust as I’ve started calling him in my mind) is a hot model based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Upon first glance I had one comment: why the heck isn’t this guy all over the place? I mean, billboards, magazines, the cover of fitness magazines. I need talent scouts and Hollywood to snatch him up and put him all up in  our face like they did with Zac Efron or that annoying kid with the abs from Twilight. Bryan has muscles; he has the tattoos; he has that bad boy look that makes you want to get into some trouble with him. I checked out his Facebook profile and to my delight he actually stated he’s interested in men and women. Oh yes, equal opportunity! On his ModelMayhem profile he states that his goal is to get featured in magazines and he’s willing to try any new concepts or ideas but draws the line at nudes. Dang it! But still, he seems willing to show us enough to make up for that one caveat. So, I’m all for this guy blowing up and becoming a high profile model. If you’ve enjoyed this eye candy, follow him on Twitter @bmsolus or check him out on Facebook.

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Bryan Solus

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