Thanks to Twitter and other factors, I had the chance to win a sample of a new product I thought you all would enjoy – lube that was recommended from the guides! It seemed like a great way to introduce a new section of the blog: “Fluffer.” Fluffer will be little news items and miscellaneous tid bits of information that will prep you for the day ahead. Since it’s the weekend and knowing all the debauchery that takes place, today’s “Fluffer” seemed timely since many of you guys may be preparing for a night of partying in and out of the clubs.

M2 LubricationM2 Lubricants is a relatively new product that just launched this year. CEO Leslie Sebastian noted that his reasons for launching the product was to not only support same-sex marriage but to support the LGBT community in general. In a press release Sebastian says, “From the beginning, supporting same-sex marriage has been one of our core beliefs. When Proposition 8 passed in California, we were so saddened – and committed to do something then and there to fight that hatred and bigotry.” He also goes on to say, “We’re also anti-bullying, support the rights of gay and lesbian Americans to serve openly, and care deeply about making our communities safe for everyone.”

I think we often hear about (and try to boycott) those companies and products that are anti-LGBT but rarely do we recognize those that are doing some good and are on “our” side. You may be wondering how a lube or company like this helps the LGBT community beyond making sex a bit more pleasurable. Well, M2 Lubricants donates 20% of their gross profits to non-profits with pro-gay agendas. Personally, I like companies like this. Let’s face it – sex sales. Condoms, lubes, sex toys like the Fleshjack and all that other stuff are probably not feeling much of this recession and are netting a profit. It’s nice to know that while a company like M2 Lubrication is making a profit off our hormones getting in a tizzy and sex, it’s also returning a portion of those profits back into the community which is in turn making a positive difference. It’s sort of like how some shops are turning to the environment. Buying sex toys to give back is good (like here:, and knowing that they support LGBT as well is fantastic!

A little “fluff” about the lube:
It’s designed for anal and vaginal penetration (so it’s for you bisexual or straight men who are wandering onto Man Crush. HEY!), for fleshlights from somewhere similar to billion dollar babes , sex toys, self pleasuring and all the other sexual acts in between. It’s made with two formulations: Unification (made with four distinct silicones) and Invigoration (water-based, so it’d be safe to use with that popular Fleshjack product). It’s made in the USA (woot-woot) in an FDA-approved facility. All of M2’s products are made cruelty-free, paraben-free and are 100% guaranteed.

If you’re interested in purchasing this product (which you should be) then head on over to its website You can also follow the company on Twitter @M2Lube or on Facebook. For the month of February they are giving away free lube to some of their Twitter followers and Facebook fans so definitely connect and say hello to them. Alternatively you could have a shop around on Babestation play adult toys for all your toy and lube needs, happy playing.

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