God makes no mistakes but by god, Lady GaGa sure as hell did with this track. By now you’ve probably listened to Lady GaGa’s new single “Born this Way” and if not, trust me, you’ll hear it soon enough. I’ve been wary of the track not because I’m against Lady GaGa (I listen to her everyday and can still rock out to “Telephone” as if I’ve never listened to it before) but because of all the hyping she’s done for it over the past few months. To me, most tracks of the mini album The Fame Monster were single worthy and they still hold up today. Yet this new track of hers, “Born This Way” is mediocre at best and that’s being quite generous. She’s pretty much hailed this new song as one of the best tracks she’s ever written and has talked and Tweeted non-stop about this since late last year. I immediately thought of the “Telephone” video and how she and her clan hyped it as better than “Bad Romance” … and how it really wasn’t that remarkable and had a baffling, hard to follow story line and felt bloated. I remember her talking up the video for “Alejandro” and what a big let down that turned out to be (a dark theme for such a pop, flirty song? Yeah, way to go, GaGa).

Enter “Born This Way.” Sigh. I’m going to be killed for this but … I don’t think there’s much special about this track. I mean, what? I am so confused by this. I think even her short little ten second acoustic performance of it back at the MTV Video Music awards out does this one. First, let me say that I really like the lyrics and message of this song. If anything, GaGa is a great lyricist and knows how to pen some awesome, meaningful words. This track, as you could surmise from the title, is all about embracing yourself and whatever makes you unique. “Don’t be a drag – just be a queen”; “I’m beautiful in my way; God makes no mistakes; I’m on the track, baby, I was born this way” ; “No regrets” she sings. Really, it’s all uplifting and like GaGa, is all about accepting yourself as you are. Lyrics and message wise, solid A.

Now, musically. Ew. This is the musical equivalent of having My Little Ponies defecating all over Madonna’s “Express Yourself” and then rolling around in the poo and some glitter afterwards.  It has touches of Madonna’s “Express Yourself” and every stereotype of disco music possible running through it but unlike the Queen of Pop, “Born This Way” sort of feels cheesy and in-genuine. This is no “Bad Romance” – it’s alienating, as it tries too hard to please her gay fans and therefore feels heavy handed and extreme. The track would have worked better being less disco poppy and more of a slower track that focused on the message because it’s hard to focus on the message of diversity, equality and acceptance when the words get washed out by schizophrenic fast-paced, dizzying recycled music of past decades. What a let down, really. I’d also like to note that GaGa didn’t event the whole “God makes no mistakes” phrase: to educate people, Loretta Lynn had a track on her Van Leer Rose comeback album years back that had the same title and has been hailed as one of her best. This track feels like one big collage of other people’s sounds, hits, lyrics and messages. I really expected more out of Lady GaGa but this is a track better fit for a unknown, underground club circuit artist, not one who’s covered as much ground as Lady GaGa has in past years. I’m hoping there’s better music to come from her and that this really isn’t the best that the album has to offer. If it is then GaGa’s going to break new ground in her career: failure and disappointment.

You can download a medium quality radio rip of the track here.

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  1. I agree 110%. It was over-anticipated and forced down our throats. It was called “club-like” which it most certainly is not. The beat is old and might as well just be a remix to Madonna’s song. It’s boring and blah, nothing like Lady Gaga.

  2. Yet, you PRAISE shit tracks like Britney’s new one and Ke$hit. Your musical opinion means nothing to me. THE TRACK IS AMAZING!!!

    • Yep, I do praise Britney Spears’ “Hold It Against Me” and Ke$ha tracks. I’ve praised a lot of Lady GaGa’s work as well up until this poo-worthy track. This track is NOT amazing. “Bad Romance,” “Telephone,” “Poker Face” and a slew of other GaGa tracks are worthy of being considered borderline amazing. Heck, even the unreleased “Glitter and Grease” is better than this mess. As I said, I like the lyrics and the message but the musical treatment kills it, and not in a good way. It distracts from the message and it’s clear she and her producers got a bit too high and mighty in trying to top what she’s done in the past.

      What makes Britney Spears’ latest track far better and superior in my opinion is that it’s simply produced better. It has a treat dance track, they’ve auto-tuned Britney’s voice to perfection (as usual) and it doesn’t scream “gay” or alienate any of her audience. It’s a track that everyone – boy, girl, man, woman, child, dog, deaf, blind – wouldn’t mind listening to in public. I seriously cannot see “Born This Way” as it is being listened to outside of a gay club. This is not 1991, where this track could have done some chart damage. Sure, since it’s GaGa it may go high on the charts but this is the first GaGa track I’ve seen split her audience in such a negative way. Sorry, don’t hold it against me. It’s just my opinion.

  3. Cmon, Antoine – Brittany’s new track may be well produced, but it’s a total snoozer. Ke$ha’s track is a fun cut from the same pie she’s already served up.

    This isn’t Ga Ga’s best track, and Lord know it could never live up to the hype. But it’s a fun, infectious track – derivative of Madonna and 90’s pop but still very much her “own”.

    • As a big Madonna fan I really wouldn’t have picked up on the “Express Yourself” similarities if others hadn’t been harping on it. I can listen to “Express Yourself” though and enjoy it as if I’m listening to it for the firs time. The lyrics, words and powerfulness of the music of that track go together. On here she’s trying to push a meaningful message through a song that’s music is frivolous, outdated and just sounds plain recycled and awful. Say what you want but at least Britney Spears’ music is working within music of this decade. Britney did a retro song on her last album (it was a bonus track titled “Amnesia”) and it worked out well. This track though … :: shakes head and shutters::

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve been a gaga fan since the get go and this track was disappointing to say the least. I greatly appreciate her message, but I wasn’t wowed by the production of the song. Madonna has already been there. Gage you are ground breaking so why do what has been done before?

    • To suggest that because Ga Ga’s new song is a throwback to Madonna and 90’s club music means she isn’t “working within music of this decade” is a bit absurd.

      I like Brittany well enough but her new song is just plain boring – I’m shocked that she chose it as her first single. The chorus of Born This way blows Hold it Against Me off the map.

      Diifference of opinion – lot’s of folks are divided about the new track. If you’re not expecting a life changeing experience it’s a fun, cheesy throwback with a good message.

  5. I agree abit with Anotine. The song’s message is positive – but the music makes it sound too cute, and happy go-lucky. The beginning of the song also isn’t created or produced to perfection. It rushes into her speaking, i would’ve liked more of that beginning music (very futuristic sounding by the way which I like), but then it awkwardly changes into the disco theme which doesn’t sound mega-catchy, nor really her style. The end of the song isn’t recorded well either, it quickly fades – i think that’s dodgy production. A song VERY similar lyrically to this is a track on Another Gay Movie’s soundtrack called “I Was Born This Way” – obviously Gaga’s song is the same message. But Gaga was more also about race and religion and discrimination in general. To me the song is more of an album filler, and not so much of a lead single – but for some reason I can’t stop listening to it – maybe I’m waiting for the WOW factor to attack me lol. I don’t know, but I’ll keep listening to it nonetheless. Let me know your thoughts on what I’ve written.

  6. The song is horrible. Unlike most (if not all, i skipped a few) of the other comments, I’m going to say that i even hate the lyrics. I appreciate the sentiment, but it is one that she has shared previously through political speeches. I did not need an anthem fom her to tell me she loved gay people.If anything i feel like i am being capitalized on. “Express Yourself” was the first thing i thought of when i heard the music, and while madonna isnt exactly someone to hate being comparred to it feels like she strait stole it. Due to my fondness of ALL of her previous tracks, including unreleased ones, being amazing i expected this to be just as great. What a let down.

  7. I hate to say it, but I am sort of tired of the thumping, overdone production that she does here. I also wish there was more ‘depth’ to the melody. What I mean is that it sort of coasts on an annoying drum machine and bass and doesn’t undulate in the same interesting way as Poker Face or other previous hits – it’s just one monotonous beat.
    I’m probably the world’s biggest Madonna fan and I don’t think this is at all similar to Express Yourself, other than the message. I liked Madonna’s simplicity better – Gaga overdoes everything – and she better watch out or she’s gonna be Lady Gag. Like you feel like you’re being gagged or something.
    I love Gaga and believe she has the talent to bet one of the greats. But this sounds like Bad Romance but not as interesting – and who in the hell wants to be preached at? I don’t. I don’t really need another anthem.
    Been there, done that.

  8. I’m sorry but Antoine is totally right. This is a really poor produced track, it sounds unfinished and with a lot of parts that sound like remastered 90’s beats. Not to mention the heavy “Express Yorself” influence. I’m sure the video will be also inspired by Madonna’s Metropolis themed video. It doesn’s go to everybody just the outcast and gays. And with all the hype it’s a dissapointment. Not good. It sounds like a 90’s song PERIOD. Finally someone with a lil bit of reason, because RS, NME, SPIN and BILLBOARD, are praising this but the funny stuff is that all of them said “it’s good despite it pays tribute to Express Yourself” haha so not original this songs. Only the lyrics are Ok but not great, it has some weird phrases like “You’re lebanese and orient, and chola descent” that’s a lil bit insulting. She’s relying on this too much. Britney’s song is much better with a better production by a long mile.

  9. Antoine I’m so happy to find a blogger that’s not afraid of the so called little monsters and is willing to be objective about GaGa, yes her lyrics are positive, yes the lyrics do alienate… yes se bitch-stole Express Yourself from Madge… lets just hope she doesn’t steal Xtina’s Beautiful for the vid.. cuz that would be the last nail on the coffin almost tailor made for BTW…
    I was so suprised how so much people reacted in a bad manner to the single, she over hyped it.. and talked way to much shit about it…

  10. best summed up:

    “@DJChiChiLaRue: The coolest thing would be, if during GaGa’s performance tonight, Madonna came out and mashed into Express Yourself!”

  11. After searching through several big-time review sites for thoughts on “Born This Way,” and wading through pages of inane “5 out of 5 stars!” gushing, I finally found some honesty in this personal blog. You hit the nail on the head, Antoine–there’s just nothing very special or ground-breaking about this single. It not a bad song necessarily, it’s catchy enough, some of the lyrics are fun, but as you said it sounds like a big mashup of pop songs we’ve all heard before. And therein lies my eternal disappointment. After all, Lady Gaga marketed herself as someone completely new, fresh, modern, and genuine. “Poker Face” was groundbreaking because nothing else in the Top 40 had ever sounded like it. And certainly ditto for “Bad Romance.” I’m sure that many of you, like me, were expecting even more unique sound in her new album. And of all things, she releases a song that sounds like every other pop song written since the ’80s! A song that seems to directly rip off Madonna! Gaga, your fans want music that is fresh and new–they want 21st century sound, not more rehashes of the ’80s. You simply dropped the ball on this one.

    I’m going to post these and more thoughts on the single on my personal blog as well. Thanks again for sharing yours Antoine.

  12. Now HERE is a good review. I can only imagine how many millions Gaga paid Rolling Stone to praise this song to the moon, but it’s not worth the hype at all. “The anthem of our generation”? No. “The song that will obliterate ‘I Will Survive'”? No. What it is is a glorified generic pop song which has sold on Gaga’s name alone. There is no good melody in here at all – and melodies were a huge part of what made Gaga’s past work so good – so I could only wonder how this could possibly have went to #1.

    It’s a Madonna/TLC rip-off, remix, and rehash all in one song.

  13. I just can’t get into this song. It has no rhythm and her voice sounds terrible in the verses. Why this song is #1 yet Bad Romance never made it to the top is beyond me. Britney’s new song is much better. I can’t imagine anyone dancing to born this way, they’d just look dumb.

  14. my thoughts exactly. i used to love gaga up until i heard this song and i agree, i thought i was the only one thinking that she’s pushing the whole gay thing like a little bit too hard. idk personally i just think the song and video suck, she could’ve done way better.


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