Jayden GreyIt’s Friday and as Madea would say, hallelu-yur! I figured the best way to end the work week is with a naughty-crush. As you know, Twitter is packed with adult film stars. At times I wonder who’d be on Twitter if these guys (and girls) weren’t there tweeting about the scenes they were shooting, the traveling they do and all that thrilling porn “star” living they do. One of those must-follow personalities is Jayden Grey. Now, looking at him, you probably get more of a guy next-door type and for me, that makes him appealing. One of the criticism I hear from visitors of this site and our Tumblr is that they can’t imagine actually running into these guys out in real life. Well, I can easily see myself running into a guy like Jayden and can also see me going all private dick as I’d stare him down and watch his every move until he was out of viewing distance. But that’s just me.

He got into porn just because he liked watching it so decided he should make money doing it. I think that’s pretty ingenious – shouldn’t we all be making money doing something we feel connected to and like? He’s from Iowa and embraces his Southern-boy tendencies. If you follow him on Twitter, you know he’s quite entertaining and can be a bit of a firecracker. Check out his website and Follow him on Twitter @JaydenGrey.

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Jayden Grey

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