Lots of people do their best to stay in shape to not only impress people but also to have confidence in themselves. You might be at the start of your fitness journey or you might have been working out for a long time. Those who have made lots of progress can sometimes feel discouraged by the fact that they’re not seeing many changes anymore. If this is the case then there may be a few things you can do. Firstly, when you realize buying human growth hormone is possible then you can use this to your advantage to increase your energy and also build muscle faster. You could also push yourself a bit harder every time you go to the gym, adding more weight than you normally do. Then you could also make sure you have the correct technique when you use the equipment. The incorrect use of weights, pullups and other gear can not only lead to the lack of progress but also injury.

So, when you lift weights or do pullups and chinups, what’s your grip like? It’s something many guys hardly give a thought to and if your aim is to get the most out of your lifting and pumping of iron, you should definitely start paying attention to hand positions and how light or tightly your grabbing the bar as you lift. A lot of men lift weights thinking that in a matter of days, weeks or month they’ll go from bean-pole wimpy status to having a ripped body like that of Taylor Lautner. For the most part, your right!

Lifting weights should be part of everyone’s workout routine. Your body will continue to burn through calories hours and days later after a good weight training session. The more muscle you put onto your body, the more fat you’ll burn – even when you’re doing nothing but sitting around and reading a helpful and entertaining blog like this one. There’s three major lifts that can lead to big results: deadlift, squat and bench press. If you can master those three power moves, you’ll easily transform your body. You should also be doing body weight exercises like pushups, chinups and pullups. Think about your weight – yeah, not pretty, perhaps. Now think of the great workout you’re doing if you’re lifting yourself into the air. Yes, you’re lifting 110, 120, 130 or more pounds! You’ll be building muscle and increasing your strength in record time.

Now that you know the benefits of lifting weight, consider your grip. Oh, it’s something most weight lifters overlook. We are all pressed for time so we need to get the most out of each exercise session. Do you want to build muscle? Then you need to work the muscles when you’re lifting. The next time you’re doing a bench press, don’t just hoist the bar into the air – get a firm, tight grip on the bar as if you’re trying to crush and bend it. Why? Doesn’t that compromise your form? Not really. By gripping a bar or dumbbell tightly, you’ll be using more muscle and working out more muscle with the same few moves. Just try flexing and see and feel the muscles that are activated – hold out your hand, spread your fingers wide. Now curl your fingers into a fist. That’s about the pressure and force you use regularly when lifting. You probably aren’t feeling many muscles at work and are feeling little tension. Now, keep your hand in a fist but squeeze that fist as if you’re trying to crush a coke can into your fist. Your arm starts to tremble, you’ve activated the muscles in your forearm, biceps, triceps, even your chest. You’re probably even bracing yourself, meaning you’re squeezing your ab and core muscles. That’s the pressure and force you need to exert when lifting if you want to build muscle quickly and safely.

The same goes for moves like the pushup or chinup. When you’re pulling yourself upward, really grip the bar hard. In a way, it may mean you tire out quicker and do fewer moves. That’s fine because even with fewer reps, you’ve worked out your muscles more. Also, get creative with your grips during these exercises. Do you think there’s one way to lift a barbell or one way to place your hands to carry out a proper pushup or pullup? Wrong! Try placing your hands farther apart; closer together; fingers over the bar/dumbbell, fingers underneath; thumbs tucked in, thumbs spread out; one hand under while one hand is over. Why should you change and try all of these different combination of grips of positions? Because each one works different muscles, meaning they present different challenges and the more you challenge your body to do something it’s not used to, the more you’re going to work it and more you’ll see in terms of results.

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