Dave FrancoWhen choosing guys for this blog, I try not to pick the totally obvious ones. You know, the celebrities that are always in your face, the ones on television every night, the ones that just make you roll your eyes because they’re overexposed. So I’ve abstained from featuring James Franco, though he’ll eventually make his way on here as a featured crush. You know who deserves a little attention? His brother, Dave! Dave Franco was (sorta) recently on the ill-received new Scrubs series on ABC where he played the dumb, rich but hawt ass Cole. Oh, I loved me some Cole. He was totally oblivious at times but was ultimately entertaining, especially when he went shirtless a few times. Dave was recently featured in a fashion spread within Flaunt magazine a few weeks ago.

Let’s make this sound like one of those dating connection services. Dave was born in June of 1985 making him a Gemini. His first big acting role was a guest stint on 7th Heaven back in 2006. He was a part of that horribly unfunny Fox show Do Not Disturb that was canceled pretty quickly and swept under the rug. He’s currently shooting a remake of the 1985 film Fright Night with Colin Farrel, which should make for some eye candy-packed viewing. He often shoots and makes Funny or Die films with his brother James, one of which featured him in nothing more than his underwear. It’s definitely worth watching just for the visual stimulation. Above all, he’s pretty darn hot and I’d have a bit of a hard time choosing between him and his brother James. How about you all?

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Dave Franco

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  1. Another excellent choice! He is the only reason I watched the new cast of Scrubs. These pics are great. Thanks for including him. I hope his career soars.

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