Mark SanchezToday’s the Super Bowl – are you guys (and gals) ready for some football?! Ok, let me confess … I have no interest in the Super Bowl. I have no idea of the two teams involved, nor do I care much of the outcome. The only thing I know is that Lea Michele is singing at some point, and so is Christina Aguilera … and then there’s a whole new episode of Glee airing afterwards. I know, I’m really holding up the banner for the stereotype of clueless gays and sports. There is one thing I really do like about football: the hot men! So in the spirit of this American pastime and the big event I chose a super hot quarterback Mark Sanchez as today’s featured crush.

Funny how I came to select him. I was on Twitter (as I usually am) and saw the story come up that he’s involved in a bit of a scandal. He allegedly had sex with some 17 year old girl who of course has made a media event out of it. At first I thought to myself, “If I had the opportunity to hook up with a hot guy like Mark Sanchez I’d NEVER tell.” But then I thought about it … oh hellz to the yes, I wouldn’t shut up about it! I mean, this guy is hot but he’s more along the lines of adorable. Like, he should star in one of those cheesy 1990s teen flicks where you spend the whole movie going “aw, when are they gonna kiss?” cute. So, I really don’t care much about the scandal or this girl who’s making a big deal about allegedly sleeping with him, it’s all about the hotness that is Mark Sanchez. You can follow him on Twitter @Mark_Sanchez and please … if you’re lucky enough to have him touchdown in your end field, try not to go blabbing about it to the whole Internet. Just fill me in on the details!

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Mark Sanchez

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