Glee Thriller/Heads Will RollQuotes from the special post-Super Bowl episode, “Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle” (episode 11 of season 2).

“Maybe you’ll think it’s cooler when I go all “Tik Tok” on your face.” — Puck

“Here I am 31 and already a legend; what will I do as a second act?” — Sue Sylvester

“I know I try to make it a habit of not touching carnie folk but fella, I’ll take it!” — Sue Sylvester

Will: “Do you trust me?”
Coach Beiste: “You aren’t going to try to kiss me again are you?”

“If I have to stay I’m not singing anything show tunes; that’s the music of my oppressors.” — Black football player

“Fine. As offended as I am by their presence here I won’t let anything get in the way of a performance.” — Rachel

“I was gonna donate my Chevy Cruise to Charity. Charity is my cat – she totaled our SUV last weekend.” — Brittany

“Ladies, my Sue-clear weapon.” — Sue Sylvester

“I don’t want to die yet. At least not until One Tree Hill gets canceled.” — Brittany

Figgins: “But the risk and danger aren’t to you!”
Sue: “That’s the best part!”

“And the glee club together with the football team was like a double rainbow. A zombie double rainbow.” — Brittany

Katie Couric: “In the voting you beat out the following losers: the economy; Mel Gibson; the housing market; Dina Lohan; Wall Street; Tiger Woods; the Dallas Cowboys; Brett Farve’s cell phone; 9 percent unemployment and Spark Lohan who is Dina Lohan’s dog and apparently … also a loser. How do you cope with this?”
Sue Sylvester: “I’ve been drinking a lot of bleach.”

Katie Couric: “Thoughts?”
Sue Sylvester: “I hate you Diane Sawyer.”

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