Let’s face it. If you’re a guy, you want abs. You want to be ripped. You want heads to turns, jaws to drop, underwear, panties, twinks and all the stuff in between to fall before you in amazement. The problem though is that getting abs is extremely hard and keeping them once you get them is even harder.

First, remember the key to your body’s biology – it’s made mostly of water. If you have a hard time seeing or building your abs it may be due to dehydration. I see more definition in my abs in the summer when I’m chugging more water than I do in the winter when I sweat less, workout less frequently and am overall more hydrated. Fuel your abs and body as you would your car. Always drink water. Water adds volume to your body and will make all your muscles, even your abs, more defined. Exercise is also necessary but to get ripped and chisel those abs, you need a good meal plan.

Abs also are also the product of whatever you eat. Here comes the tricky part: there’s not one meal plan alone that will give you abs. You need a meal plan that fits your body and your lifestyle and I’m going to help you find one that will give you results.

1) The Low-Carb Diet: Are you looking to burn fat? Do you spend most of your day sitting in front of a computer, behind a desk, rarely getting up off that ass of yours? Then you should consider going low-carb. With this diet plan you cut back, or completely eliminate, carbs from your diet. This sort of eating is good in that you’re going to be cutting out all of that processed food that has tons of salt and sugar in it and little nutrition. This diet does have a downside in that it can be high in fat as you may find yourself eating tons of meat. To get around that, simply consume whole foods – vegetables, lean meats, beans. People who go low carb tend to ignore the fact that they need fiber so they pile on the meats and the meats are loaded with saturated fats, leading to possible heart issues. Yikes! But, if you eliminate the carbs and stick to the plan, it’s pretty hard to gain weight with eating few carbs.

2) Low-Fat Diets: Do you workout a lot? Consider yourself to be highly active? Then you need your carbs because those will give you the energy you’ll use to get through your workout. This plan is easy because you eat less fat so in the end, you’ll lose more fat. The less fat on your frame, the more your muscles and abs will show. Seems simple enough, doesn’t it? The problem with low-fat diets is that you’ll load up on carbs and those will raise your insulin levels. High insulin levels prevents your body from burning excess fat. But, eating the right carbs – whole grains, fruits, veggies – means you’ll naturally increase your consumption of vitamins, minerals and fiber, all which will make you healthier and look fabu.

3) Isocarloric: This type of eating is the middle-ground. You eat equal portions or servings of protein, fat and carbs (a 30/30/40 ratio). If you’re less than 25 pounds overweight or lift weights 3-4 days a week, this eating plan will work best for you. With this being sort of the compromise of the basic meal plans, it’s easy to go overboard on things like fatty foods because you’ll feel you’re within your limits and will indulge more than you should. This plan will lead to fewer cravings, prevent potential muscle mass loss and will lead to rather low insulin levels along with a slower rise in blood sugar.

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