Matt BomerUSA Network’s White Collar is one of those shows I never watch but hear a lot about. No one really gets much into discussing the plot as they do about how hot the show’s lead actor, Matt Bomer, is. The first time I saw Matt Bomer was really in an Entertainment Weekly photo spread where they had him pouring water all over himself. He had this little white t-shirt that was soaked and clinging to his skin, revealing all his muscles and it all was just too much to handle. I seriously cannot believe a guy like Matt Bomer exists outside of a dream or fantasy. He’s perfection! The chilling blue eyes, the perfect hair you want to tussle and run your fingers through, the strong jaw line, the always present 5 o’clock shadow. I just want to wake up every morning, roll over and find him staring at me with that sly smile of his. There’s a lot more to that little fantasy but I’ll end it there for the purposes of keeping this PG13.

As stated, Bomer plays Neal Caffrey on the show White Collar. He’s a Texan and lives up to that belief that everything’s bigger in Texas because he seems a bit larger than life. Acting wise he got his start on All My Children but spent two years play Ben Reade on CBS’ The Guiding Light. His other acting roles included roles on a few shows that didn’t last long including Tru Calling, Traveler and North Shore and his movie credits include Flightplan and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. Before landing the lead role on White Collar he had a recurring role on NBC’s Chuck. He’s been pretty coy toward answering the subject of his sexuality and his impeccable looks, fine fashion sense and awesome bod has me thinking he’s a likely pink-card carrying member. A boy can dream! You can catch White Collar on USA Network Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST.

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Matt Bomer

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