chest  picWomen aren’t the only ones who want an impressive chest. Sure, it’s frigid and cold as hell outside but in another two or three months we’ll be back in moderate temperatures that will warrant us to bare chests and skin more. For men, there’s really no better way to show how fit you are than by building and chiseling a muscular chest. Picture the scrawny, flat chested guy you see running with pale skin in the heat of summer. Eh. He’s cute. Now picture the muscular guys walking around with skin-hugging tanks. What’s the first thing you usually notice? It’s the chest.

If you’re working on improving your body, what better place to begin but your chest. Sure, many guys will purposefully work and overtrain their arms and abs, but hey, aren’t you forgetting the pecs? There are a few moves you can do to build a bigger, muscular, head-turning chest. While these aren’t anything new, there are a few tweaks you can make to these classic moves to get more out of your chest workout.

1. Dumbbell Fly: While holding two dumbbells in your hands, keep your palms facing one another. With your back against the floor, keep a slight bend in your arms as you outstretch them to the sides. Bring the dumbbells together overhead, positioning them over your chest. Lower the dumbbells back to the sides. Super move: Reverse the fly. Take a towel and fold it in half. With the dumbbells in hand, place each hand/dumbbell just outside the ends of the towel. Slowly lower your chest toward the floor. Muscles worked: Pecs, back, core (abs).

2. Dip: You can use a dip machine (a contraption with bars that you can hang onto) or simply use an elevated surface such as the seat of a chair, edge of a table or step. Place your hands further apart and slowly lower yourself so that the seat of your butt nearly touches the floor. Slowly rise back up. Super move: Use a V-shaped dip bar rather than the usual parallel bar; you’ll work more muscle. Muscles worked: Triceps, chest, shoulders.

3. Dumbbell bench press: While grasping a dumbbell in each hand, and with your palms facing each other, press the weights above your head; slowly return the weights down to the starting position. Super move: Keep your muscles tucked in at your sides. As you push the weight upwards, rotate your wrists so that your palms face forward, a tweak that will worked more chest muscles. Muscles worked: Shoulders, triceps.

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  1. Great advice. I have seen so many guys be strictly arm and abs people. It is a shame when some people work so hard, but focus solely on only an aspect or two, neglecting the rest.


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