Kennedy CarterIf there’s one thing I’ve noticed about 2011 is that people are really digging redheads. While Chelsea Handler seems to despise and mock them, I dunno, I think some of them are rather hot. At the top of my list? Adult film star Kennedy Carter. I mean, just give me a moment as I praise Jesus for this hot guy. The list of likable attributes regarding this guy goes on and on. First, he’s English. Swoon. Second, he’s into tattoos which gives him that “the kind of guy mother warned you about” kind of look. Last, he’s hot and thanks to his various porn appearance, we all know the guy’s got it going on all over.

He compares himself to Clark Kent – a university student by day and smoking hot porn star by night. Among his likes and hobbies are music, tattoos and calls himself a Hispanophile. He’s a Raging Stallion Studios model and maintains a great blog and site that covers many aspects of his life. Check out his website and follow him on Twitter @Kennedy_Carter.

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Kennedy Carter

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