Eddie StoneOh Eddie Stone, how you delight me. There are some people involved in porn who lack a personable quality and come off a bit like snobs and then there are those who are genuinely nice, have a sense of humor and engage with us commoners like the hot, sinfully pleasurable Eddie Stone. Just reading his bio on his website, that is written and illustrated like a comic strip (a rather naughty one with nudity and all) gives you the sense that Eddie is quite the entertainer.

Like a Dolly Parton or Reba McEntire song, Eddie moved to L.A. with aspirations of stardom. He started off as a go-go boy at Micky’s, was discovered, signed on to Rascal Video in 2003. From there he appeared in a slew of films, magazine covers, did interviews, toured Europe and made various other appearances. Now he’s working on starting his own site featuring hot Canadian guys. You can check out his website www.eddiestoneonline.com, or stop by his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter @eddiestonexxx.

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Eddie Stone

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