Chris PorterI’ve chosen to feature a few “adult film” stars lately because c’mon, you can’t really have a blog dedicated to hot, good looking crush-worthy men without touching on men of all backgrounds, including porn. So this week I’ve set my sights on Chris Porter of Raging Stallion. Porter is a fan favorite in the porn scene and also does  some modeling, but let’s face it, we all like it when he’s working with as little clothing as imaginable.

Porter may not fit the standard porn star archetype but his bad boy image with the tattoos, scruff and menacing stare he definitely has a lot of people’s attention and hardons … ahem, I mean, hearts. Chris is all over the Internet so if you’d like to interact with him you can follow him on Twitter, Facebook and check out his website that he updates often with hot photos, many of which are far too scandalous and revealing for us to post here (be we’ll sure as heck will link you to his site to check them out on your own as long as you’re over 18 years of age)

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Chris Porter

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