JJ RedickIf I were one of those people granted a request from the make a wish foundation it would be to go one on one in a game of ball with Orlando Magic’s #7, J.J. Redick – and I am not talking about basketball. The thing is, I’m rather alternative when it comes to sports and basketball and football are just not my thing but one thing that gets me excited is J.J. Redick. Even though I’m a Carolina alumni, when I was in school and Carolina had a decent basketball team and went head-to-head with Duke and Redick, I watched and cheered inwardly everytime I saw the hotness that is J.J. Redick sprint across the screen, even though he played for the opposing team.

What’s to like about Jonathan Clay “J.J.” Redick? Well, the muscles, the dark hair, the kissable lips and the fact that he’s so hot that he has “dick” in his name. Oh, I’m sure he’s a decent basketball player and all but I really wouldn’t know much about that. I do hope he has a long career so that we can be treated to a few more shirtless moments from him. If you’d like to read up on J.J. Redick you can head over to his website or check out his Facebook page.

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JJ Redick

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