Nic RobuckI think of all the soap operas, One Life to Live manages to attract some of the hottest male actors. Back in June of this year Nic Robuck joined the cast in the role of James Ford. If you haven’t watched One Life to Live then you should know that the Ford brothers are some of the hottest guys you’ll ever see on television. One of the main requirements or attributes of a Ford man is that they’re cute, handsome, popular with the ladies and are all buff and muscle. James is the sensitive brother and doesn’t get shirtless as much as his brother Robert Ford but he’s still a likable character.

Robuck is from Indianapolis, Il., and received his B.A. in theater from the University of Southern California. He’s really the ideal man – he (of course) enjoys working out but is into art as well. Prior to his One Life to Live role he had guest spots on The Young and the Restless, CSI: Miami and iCarly. Check out some shirtless moments of his James character below.

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Nic Robuck

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  1. I agree..the Ford Bros make this show required viewing…more skin displayed by them and a few other studs than any other show on television, day or night.
    Side note: Indianapolis is in Indiana, not Illinois as you state.

  2. If it’s true that Nic is married to Tyler Robuck (of the defunct icandy gay lounge) — and the fact that he has assumed his last name — I certainly give props to him! Amazing that he didn’t have qualms being labeled as a gay actor playing a straight role. Hats off to him!


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