Philipp BoyWhen it comes to sports, I’m a fan of any sport where a guy gets to show a little skin and flex some muscle. Male volleyball, swimming, gymnastics – I’m all over those sports. One of my favorite male athletes is German gymnast Philipp David Boy. This dark haired, muscled hunk swings on those high bars and has my heart doing all sorts of flips and irregular beating in result. Born in Schwedt, Brandenburg, Germany in 1987 was a fixture in the Beijing Olympics and has since gone on to win many awards for his impressive skills. Though his skills on the high bar are impressive as is his list of accomplishments, medals and so on and so forth … seriously, Philipp Boy is one gorgeous guy! I’m surprised by how little of an Internet presence he has. He has a website but it doesn’t help his non-German fans that it’s all in German. Oh well. One thing that isn’t lost in translation is how stunningly good looking he is. Check out more pics of him posted below.

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Gymnast Philipp Boy

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  2. philipp boy is soo horribly sexy! Guys like him are the reason why girls watch sports!
    And true: there’s so little to find about him online…


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