Well, we’re done with yet another “Glee” tribute episode and I must say that though I love Rocky Horror and Glee, I didn’t really like the results of the two coming together. As pointed out many times in the episode it’s hard to capture the essence of such a raunchy and sexually-charged musical like Rocky Horror in a high school setting. That being said … I f*cking loved all the Chord Overstreet ab and shirtless moments scattered throughout the episode. If “The Rocky Horror Glee Show” did anything right it was to shine a light on male objectification. I noticed that Chord really didn’t have much rhythm when it came to doing the Time Warp choreography but Lord knows he can do the pelvic thrust in my direction any day, time, place or way. Can we take a moment out of our busy lives to fawn over the hotness of Sam Evans/Chord Overstreet?

Chord Overstreet shirtlessWe also got to see yet another Matthew Morrison (Will Schuester) shirtless moment. Anyone else a little hot for teacher?

Matthe Morrison Rocky Horror Glee Show

And honorable mention goes to Cory Monteith (Finn). Lord knows he tried to keep up. Boy gets an “Eh” for effort:

Cory Monteith Rocky Horror Glee Show

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