Some of the best quotes from the fourth episode of season two, “Duets”:

“He’s gotta be the dumbest guy on this planet and that’s coming from me.” — Brittany on Puck

Will: “What’a duet?”
Brittany: “A blanket.”

“He’s on team gay. No straight boy does his hair to look like Linda Evangelista circa 1983.” — Kurt on Sam

“I have three gifts; my voice, my ability to spot trends in men’s fashion and my ability to know when it comes from a bottle.” — Kurt about Sam’s blond hair

“I’m like a lizard; I need something warm beneath me or I can’t digest my food.” — Santana on why she makes out with Brittany

“I just really want to get you in a stroller.” — Brittany to Artie

“What’s the point of being popular when you can’t do what you want?” — Quinn

“When you’re different … when you’re special … sometimes you have to get used to being alone.” — Kurt

“How can you do a duet by yourself? That’s like vocal masturbation or something.” — Santana to Kurt

“Ugh. So freakin’ charming.” — Santana about Sam and Quinn’s duet

“Look – I don’t mean to be a bitch. Well… actually, I do.” — Santana to Artie

Rachel: “Hey, I have something I want to talk to you about.”
Kurt: “Please, not another pregnancy.”

And prepare yourselves – in two weeks (Oct 26) Glee takes on Rocky Horror! Chord Overstreet as “blond hair and a tan” Rocky? Oh yes, please:

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    • That’s right – I forgot about that and made the change. Thanks for the reminder. I don’t understand why shows are suddenly taking a week off when they’ve only been back for about a month. But oh well.


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