Trace Lehnhoff from 'Flipping Out'One of my favorite reality shows is Bravo’s ‘Flipping Out’. It basically is all about interior designer Jeff Lewis who has OCD but is a genius and expert when it comes to turning people’s bland or ugly houses into something worthy of envy and awe. I also enjoy ‘Flipping Out’ because of the very professional but sizzling design associate Jeff hired, Trace Lehnhoff. Trace is young, he’s obviously very much into his fashion and unlike many of my¬† man crushes, he’s actually gay!

Trace is originally from Minnesota. In 2008 he moved to Hollywood, Ca., to attend the Art Institute of California – Los Angeles. He inquired with Jeff Lewis whether there were any internships available at his design firm (featured prominently in Bravo’s ‘Flipping Out’), landed an interview, got the internship which lead to a full-time job as a design associate. Trace wrote a lot about his likes on his Facebook page and to name a few he likes “A good wine, actually any wine; clean white sheets; finding Waldo; S’mores; Naked; good pictures and deleting bad ones”. Oh gee, he sounds dreamy! Check him out on Facebook and follow him on Twitter and in the meanwhile, check out this little photo montage of Trace (sometimes referred to as ‘Tracey’ by Jeff).

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Trace Lehnhoff of 'Flipping Out'

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