Zac Efron from 'Interview Magazine'After a bit of a hiatus, it’s a return of my popular Man Crush posts and it’s a special one! Jailbait edition – or, depending on your perspective and age, cougar edition! All this week I’ll be shining the spotlight on the younger guys in Hollywood and the entertainment industry and who better to kick things off than the king of the heart throbs (and other throbbing body parts) but the one and only Zac Efron! Yes. The eyes, the hair, the lean physique, the muscles, luscious pink lips, the abs … what’s not to like about this guy? Many of you may know Zac Efron from his ‘High School Musical’ debut. Others may just be aware of him because of his hotness, All-American boy appeal and the fact that he seems to be making the transition from boy to man pretty well, unlike some young teen stars.

In just a few days his newest movie, ‘Charlie St. Cloud’, will be released in theaters (it comes out July 30). Now, the plot seems fit for a Lifetime or Hallmark movie rather than big-screen release but I suspect it’s Zac Efron’s fanbase of screaming and horny teen girls and boys (and some undercover grown men) who will flock to the movies just to have the chance to spend an hour and a half drooling and fawning over Mr. Hotlicious. In the movie, some little kid gets killed and like Casper the Friendly Ghost, he haunts his brother and occupies all his time. So Zac’s character ends up spending a lot of time playing ball with his dead brother’s ghost. Hm, so if I die today there’s a chance Zac Efron will play with me? Hey, sorry guys, this blog may not be updated as I test out this theory. I kid! Anyways, at 22, Zac Efron is definitely one of the hottest guys in Hollywood. Let’s all bask in his hotness and scribble “Mr. (or Mrs. for the female readers) [Your Name] Efron” in our trapper keepers with hearts and arrows all over the page while taking a look at the many delicious, and shirtless, looks of Zac Efron.

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Zac Efron

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