jorge cruiseSo like any devoted “little monster” and card-carrying gay, I made sure I was up and alert this morning to catch Lady GaGa’s performance on The Today Show. Well, she was all right – the usual theatrics, off-the-wall songs (opening her set with ‘Someone To Watch Over Me’ felt even a bit too gay for me) but after her performance there was a fitness segment featuring Jorge Cruise. Now, I’ve been aware of Cruise for a while, and you probably have been as well. He’s the author of some big fitness/health books – The 12 Second Sequence: Get Fit in 20 Minutes Twice a Week!, The Belly Fat Cure, The 3-Hour Diet Cookbook and has a slew of workout DVDs and all. He’s also appeared on numerous shows including The Tyra Banks Show, Rachel Ray and Dr. Oz.

Even with his big presence I still have to say, to quote that lame Usher song, “Oh my Gosh, wow oh wow.” Jorge Cruise is one hunkalicious, gorgeous man. What makes him equally appealing is that he knows how to stay fit and is big on exercises that don’t take up hours of your time – a fitness movement and approach I definitely can get behind. He’s also not ashamed to shy about ripping off his shirt when he workouts, which definitely makes you break an extra bead of sweat or two. So along with the usual photos to drool over, here are two of his mini videos with some workout tips for developing your abs. For more Jorge Cruise, follow him on Twitter @jorgecruise and Facebook.

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jorge cruise

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    • I tend to think most guys these days have fluid sexuality – meaning they go either way even if they perpetuate one sexual preference. I wouldn’t be surprised by your story at all. He’s pretty good looking so hey, you go boy.

  1. hola mi nombre es salvador y yo estoy muy agradesido con los entrenamientos del senor jorge cruz
    el ha cambiado la vida en mi familia


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