Chad ConnellSister, sister – have I got a man crush for you today! So, there I was sitting around watching Lifetime Movie Network’s “Double Wedding” (don’t judge) starring Tia and Tamara Mowry and came across this actor, Chad Connell. Here’s a little info about him – Born in ’83, 5’11, blond hair, blue eyes, based out of Toronto, Canada. He’s done guest spots on shows like ‘Being Erica’, ‘Degrassi’, and MTV’s ‘Undressed’. Of what I saw from “Double Wedding” he can act! Now, honestly, why isn’t this guy a regular on some show? You know, where we can get a weekly fix of his good looks and charming ‘boy next door who I wouldn’t mind peaking out the window and catching him mowing the yard shirtless in the heat of summer’ personality? Hm, maybe a recurring role on ‘Desperate Housewives’ would be fitting! Anyways, I’m genuinely shocked at how his career hasn’t rocketed off – but he deserves a bit of attention, in my opinion at least. He’s even on Twitter: @ChadJC. Until he makes it big, we’ll just have to catch him in guest spots and Lifetime movies. But for now, feast your eyes on what he has to offer:

Chad Connell Collage

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  1. He is soooooo beautiful. When I saw that he was interested in her I was really jealous. Whyd they kiss anyways? Isn’t she married? Anyway is is like a greek god. GOD makes real sexy men.


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