Jeffrey DonovanYesterday was the first official day of summer and what better way to mark the occasion than recognizing one of television’s most sizzling, hottest, under-the-radar stars? Jeffrey Donovan plays Michael Westen, a government spy who finds himself dismissed after receiving a ‘burn notice’. Well … I have to admit I’ve only caught a few clips of the show. Yet, Jeffrey Donovan has been on my radar for a while now. He’s appeared on various shows promoting ‘Burn Notice’ and appeared in Men’s Fitness to talk about his workout routine. I have to say his body, in my opinion at least, is pretty smokin’. It’s not overly developed but he has a pretty tight, somewhat muscular body. His character seems to be known for his immaculate taste in clothing and well-put together wardrobe. I saw him on The View this morning and he definitely seemed to send Sherri Shepherd into a tizzy over his cute and handsome features. Prepare to burn up over this crush:

Jeffrey Donovan

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  1. Oh Jessica, I know. Jeffrey Donovan is just too much to handle. I’ve never seen ‘Burn Notice’ but after seeing Donovan on ‘The View’ today I’m really really REALLY tempted to start watching just out of appreciation of his hotness.

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