David Muir, ABC NewsThey say that during the summer there’s nothing to watch on television but obviously, whoever said that hasn’t been watching ABC News. Forget ‘True Blood’ – if you’re looking for an entertainment show packed with good looking men who’ll get your blood curdling and pulse rating, turn on ABC World News starring Diane Sawyer. I kid you not – have you SEEN ABC World News lately? It’s packed full of tight-bodied, charismatic, gym rat-types who look like they’re spending as much time working on their physique as they are in covering all of the world’s trouble. If you’ve stopped by my blog lately, you will not be surprised by me gushing over ABC News. First they brought us the delicious, Spartan-like Matt Gutman (I’ve spoken and posted pics of him a few times already … here, here and oh yeah, here) and it seems this week they’re featuring David Muir. I have to say, I’m a big Gutman fan but David Muir isn’t at all a bad substitute.

David Muir has been a staple of ABC News for a while now. In his time with the network he’s co-anchored “Primetime” and his reports have appeared on most of ABC News’ shows including “Good Morning America”, “Nightline” and “20/20”. Where you’ll probably see him most these days is on “ABC World News with Diane Sawyer” covering the oil crisis in the Gulf. I think it’s his guy next-door looks and eye-popping muscles that makes him stand out from the news anchor crowd. There are some days when he appears on the show in a usual suit. Eh. But then there are nights like tonight when he appears like an extra from ‘Predator’ or ‘Rambo’ all decked t-shirts that give way to show off his muscular arms and torso and pants that fit snugly around his impressive behind. Oh yeah, but he’s still a good reporter which is why he’s probably been a staple of ABC News for all these years. Here are some photos, some recent, of David Muir in all his hotness:

David Muir

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  1. Ultimately agree with your points about the hot David Muir, though sometimes he does seem a bit over-coiffed and he has skinny legs, too! =)

  2. OMG!!! I so agree with all your statements about David Muir. He is such a hottie. I never knew world news could be so sexy and informative at the same time. I actuall never was interested in any kind of news television until I came upon the dreamy men of ABC World news……..These men don’t compare to the real world….. I go gagagoogoo every time David Muir talks!!!!

  3. I have the biggest crush on this guy. He is the only reason that I watch World News. Gah, I need to know more about him!!

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