Lee Wall Personal TrainerSo, along with maybe a couple dozen of you out there, I spent part of Monday night watching Oxygen’s ridiculous show “Dance Your Ass Off”. There really isn’t much of a reason to watch the show besides mild amusement of of a station like Oxygen is obviously capitalizing off large people dancing around atrociously to the hits of today. It’s like watching ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ colliding with the world of Richard Simmons’ ‘Sweating to the Oldies’. Speaking of sweating, there is one bit of greatness to this mediocre show: Lee Wall! Wooh, wouldn’t mind letting him work a few pounds off me. Lee is very low key on the show – he sort of serves as the one ‘oh!’ moment and adds a little sex appeal whenever he arrives to work out the contestants. I’m always surprised when these really good looking people on television like Lee, or HealthCorps’ Jake Ross (check him out here), or even ABC’s Matt Gutman (check him out here) have almost absolutely no online presence! Doesn’t it seem sort of like a waste? You’d want to know more about these guys, read about them, check out their photos and such but nope, they’re sort of undiscovered little treasures. All that I found for Lee Wall online is his credentials: Fitness Director at Crunch Fitness, LA and a certified personal trainer. But who cares about credentials when you’re a hot, fit piece of work like Lee?

Lee Wall Personal Trainer

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