Matt GutmanMove over Anderson Cooper, seems like there’s a new kid on the block. The hideous situation in the Gulf involving BP and the massive oil spill had lead to one bright spot: Matt Gutman. If you’ve been watching ABC, Matt Gutman appears all over the place reporting on what’s new in the crisis and each day the news seems to go from bad to worse. Yet, fans seems to be flocking to ABC and are all in tizzy over news’ next rising star, Matt Gutman.

Back on June 4 I made a very simple post, “Matt Gutman, Heating Up ABC News”. I really didn’t think much of it: I just wanted to comment on the major upgrade I noticed in who ABC was choosing to cover the situation. Gutman’s been on the scene since the start, as has David Muir … but come on, it’s Matt Gutman that we’re all going ga-ga over. It’s his Abercrombie & Fitch style, his Spartan-esque physique the sheer confidence and sex appeal he manages to muster up while reporting on such a depressing situation that makes him oh so appeal. I had no idea that my little man crush on Matt Gutman would be picked up by other blogs and fans alike and that this blog would suddenly become the epicenter of Matt Gutman fandom. And I’m cool with that!

There’s a lot of questions floating around out there about who exactly Matt Gutman is. Well, I’m working on getting a bio of him … from him! Yes, you heard right. I’ve made contact, and have been contacted, by the man himself. You’d be surprised what a link and Facebook connection can do for you these days. Matt caught wind of my post and blog and actually sent me a message (along with a Facebook ‘friend’ request. I know, be jealous). Here’s what Matt Gutman had to say to little ole me:

Matt Gutman facebook message to Antoine Reid

Antoine, I am as straight as they come, but you deserve a big kiss! Made my day buddy. You’ve HAVE created an internet senstation. I am forever indebted to you. Feel free to use the pics on my facebook page now that we are “friends.” And you’re a rather witty writer to boot! Let me know if there’s anything i can do for you.

all best (and blushing)


First of all, how awesome is that? I was more than beside myself and flattered that Matt Gutman of all people would take the time out of his grueling schedule to drop a message. I’ve asked him if he could provide something of a biography or little write up of “Who is Matt Gutman?” for the blog and he responded that he’d send me “a bio as soon as I have time to slap something halfway decent.” So understand people that ABC has this guy playing Superman at the moment and he probably doesn’t have many free moments to sit around and write about himself. But the request has been made, he said he’d do something, and whenever it gets done, I’ll post it. BUT I do have a little information on him that should satisfy inquiring minds for now:

Matt Gutman is married. Based on how people are searching and arriving at my blog, it’s clear the #1 question is about this man’s marital status. He and his wife Daphna celebrated their third wedding anniversary this past May. I know, hearts are breaking even more across America.

Is Matt Gutman straight or gay? Well, I’d hope the above question/response would answer that but if you need me to spell it out, he’s straight! He’s a husband and a father! Again, I know heart’s are breaking but there you have it. He may be hotter than Anderson Cooper but there’s no lingering “is he, isn’t he?” question to deal with. Yes, it is possible for a straight man like Matt to be fit and have an impeccable taste in form-fitting clothes.

Did Matt Gutman ever do a story about scuba diving? Hm, he’s really smashed into the spotlight over the past month and already there’s a big mythos surrounding him. There’s allegedly a story or segment where Gutman went scuba diving, appeared in a tank top, or shirtless, and people have been going mad trying to find it. I searched through the ABC News archive videos and to my knowledge, and unless I missed something huge, he’s always appeared fully clothed. Sorry folks. The last person to scuba dive on ABC appears to have been Sam Champion.

Is there a bio for Matt Gutman? No, nothing official or formal is online, which is making him something of an enigma and mystery to everyone. As I said, I’ve brought this to his attention and he’s working on something and will let me post it when, you know, he gets it done and isn’t working his behind off for ABC covering this big oil situation in Louisiana. But, here is some information that’ll have to satisfy you for now:

* He was born in 1977.
* He’s married, a husband and a father.
* Work wise, he’s based in Miami.
* Before being based in Miami, he spent 7 years in the Mideast covering the intifada, the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
* He worked with ABC Radio but (thankfully) was given more opportunities to be in front of the camera.

Is Matt Gutman on Twitter? Yes … but apparently he’s not really into it. Maybe if we can get enough people following him, he’ll update us more via Twitter. Follow him @mattgutmanABC

Matt Gutman … shirtless? Okay, most people seem to flock to this blog for the epic ‘shirtless’ photo. And I can deliver, somewhat. Below is a collection of photos from Matt’s Facebook page that, as you read, Matt graciously gave permission to use to feed your need for as much Matt Gutman as your mind can handle. There’s a pic of him showing how he stays fit – Iron Gym! Want to see him doing a pull up? Shirtless? Well, it’s a small image but it’s shirtless, it’s Matt Gutman and it’s below along with other images from Matt’s travels around the globe – how’s your mind? Blown?

Matt Gutman ABC News

As long as Matt Gutman is around and reporting the news, I’ll be updating the blog with more info and pics as they arise.

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  1. I text’d Matt’s name to myself so that I would remember to look him up. Seems many others have been smitten by the handsome reporter. Somehow I knew I wouldn’t be alone.

    • He is very good looking and as I pointed out, very nice and gracious. I am glad to be able to report that he’s not one of these stuffy media types who doesn’t want to interact with his fans. He takes his work seriously but seems genuinely surprised he has a growing base of admirers and fans.

  2. GUILTY!! I Googled Matt Gutman’s name and arrived at this wonderful blog entry. HA! I TOTALLY agree that he’s worth getting all smittened about. He’s handsome, fit, and gorgeous!! And I didn’t realize he has the most beautiful brown eyes. Whenever he pops on TV, despite the gravity of the story he’s reporting on, I just swoon over his appearance! YUM! And with no offense to Anderson Cooper (seriously, I don’t understand the attraction), I find Matt to be more dreamy to look at than the ostensibly excellent journalist Mr. Cooper (sorry, just not my “type” compared to Matt). And Matt should also be a model! He’d look great in similar ad shots actor Patrick Dempsey has been doing for Versace. But one thing is certain: His wife is one lucky gal.

    But I do have a question: Since Matt Gutman allowed his images from his Facebook page to be shown here, and with his being not so stuffy like most media types, is he aware he maybe having a (growing) gay following? I wonder how he would feel about that?

    • Well, since he read my first post about him and I’m sure he figured out my sexuality, I’d say (based on his response) he’s aware but is secure enough with himself and his life to be fine with it. He’s married, he has a kid, he’s obviously very busy and I think he’s appreciative of everyone’s response to his work and coverage lately, regardless of their sexuality. But that’s just my take. If I ever have the opportunity to ask, I’ll shoot him that ‘gay following’ question.

  3. Thanks for your response! Regardless of his reporting, I hope he does rise to that level of dignified journalism, a la Anderson Cooper or Christiane Amanpour, where stories in our world are as fascinating and gripping to hear about as are his dreamy, matinee idol looks. 🙂

    Seriously, this dude is sooooooooo my type it’s not even funny. LOL. But his journalism is highly appreciative!

    Thanks again for your response, Mr. Reid!

  4. Oh gosh I thought I was the only one who had a little crush on Matt Gutman! I’ve watched ABC World News here and then in the past but it wasn’t until recently when I started recording every showing. Not only is it a great show that catches you up on what’s going on in the world, but Matt Gutman AND David Muir? Oh man! It makes me very happy to know Matt is such a nice guy in real life!

  5. I sure hope Anderson Cooper will be around for a long time. He is a great news man. I hope Matt Gutman turns out to be another but please don’t throw out a great reporter.

  6. Thanks for the info on Matt! As a news junky I remeber sitting up on the couch when I saw Matt on the news for the first time, what’s not to like!!? I also had a bunch of my (gay) friends over once when he came on the screen, and we had quite the discussion about how hot he is! You have plenty of fans in L.A. Matt!

  7. One more thing…Anderson Cooper has nothing on Matt or even David Muir! Has anyone seen the ‘guns’ on David Muir? Mmmmmmm.

    • Apparently, Muir works out quite a bit. When he was on ABC’s iconic World News Now, his co-anchor teased him about his gym addiction. We also found out that he surfs (despite coming from cold Upstate New York). There was also a rumor that he might body shave … at least his forearms. A WNN viewer noticed the smoother skin and posted the question. David denied it. A buddy of mine goes to his gym. When I asked my friend if they had ever shared the locker room or shower, he just smirked. Not only is David a looker and very smart, he’s also a super nice guy. Very appreciative of his fans. Heck, he actually contacted me directly, and not through some rep or manager (I did a piece suggesting that he donated to the GOP, and he wrote to say that it was another David Muir). We’ve exchanged more email, and he’s really whimsical and funny. I sent David a story about an elderly woman who accidentally ate a cooked human penis (no kidding) and the first line of his reply was “Yikes!” Adorable. He also acknowledged on the air my request that he wear a skirt (he is Scottish, after all). Finally, some of my emails verged on flirting and he seemed to have absolutely no problems with my gushing.

  8. In the pics of Matt- there is one where he’s interviewing a soldier and to the (his) left is an Afghan man with an interesting expression- like “who is this American hottie-newsman? I need to re-assess my whole ‘Martha Raddatz sex-goddess’ fantasy!” LOLOL

  9. oh and yes – my heart skips twice whenever I see David Muir in short sleeves! Love AC, too – the three of them in one place would cause a meltdown!

  10. Matt Guttman is on GMA this morning reporting from Gainsville FL. on Terry Jones’ threat to burn the Quran. Pres. Obama has asked Rev. Jones to refrain from doing this in the interest of safety for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    I’m hoping my little Jewish man-stud Matt Guttman kicks some hater ass down there! LOL! We’ll celebrate by getting lost in Matt’s beautiful chest hair! YUMM!

  11. Well, they aired Matt’s diving video today in ABC’s World News Now. Actually, it was a repeat airing. I can’t remember where I saw it first, World News or Nightline. The piece ends with some people dumping a vat of ice cold water on Matt, so you can see him in soaking shirt and jeans. The water makes them very revealing. And Matt screamed like a girl as the ice water seeped down his skin. As you might guess, he probably stripped naked immediately after the camera went off to get dry…. Right there in front of the camera crew and interviewee. Mmmmm.

    BTW, I’m kinda anal-retentive when it comes to science so I actually found your site en route to correcting Matt for a mistake. He described some oil stains as “phosphorescent,” when they were in fact “fluorescent”. Bad Matt! 🙂

  12. Ha! It was during the BP oil spill coverage that my sis came over and I paused the T.V. and asked her, “Have you seen the new hottie news guy?” I, too, thought I was alone in my admiration of the young, handsome reporter. As it turns out, my sis has a crush on David. Matt’s sudden rise to fame reminds me of Shep’s Smith rise during the coverage of the 911 terror attacks. Thanks for sharing Matt’s FB pics. I looked him up because I’m watching ABC News as I type and guess who did a story on the 200 thousand plus new jobs – in a suit and tie!

    • Matt Gutman is a really nice guy. You should request him as a friend on Facebook. He’s one of the few media personalities that seems to be comfortable interacting with the public beyond the realm of getting a story done.

  13. This is a great post. I have been a fan of Matt’s since the BP nightmare. Since then he is reporting more and more. Or was i just missing him because I could not stop staring at Bill Weir? Now I am glued to the TV until Matt is done. He has a great reporting style and is not hard to look at. His note to you makes him just THAT cooler!

  14. Well I do declare! I have seen Matt a few times and thought am I the only one who wants to know MORE MORE MORE. Reporters are brave souls but it’s nice to see stories on the person who covers the story.

    ok I admit it. Looks at him and drools like Homer Simpson. However it doesn’t mean that every well dressed muscular man is gay…..sheesh.

  15. Sadly, I’m late to the party and hadn’t really noticed Matt before but I watched the Hillbilly Handfishing piece on Nightline tonight and I’m a fan! He was wearing one of the shirts while he was doing the fishing. You can only imagine how very interested I was in viewing the piece. (And I despise fishing!!) lol GO, MATT! And good job getting him to friend you on Facebook! 🙂

  16. This was the first result on Google when we searched for him after seeing his report on Nightline tonight where he was wrestling to catch gigantic catfish in a river, complete with wet t-shirts. Appeared to be a nice bod. Now, Jimmy Kimmel is on (we’re about to change the channel) and we totally lost any sense of “feelings” we had.

  17. I first saw him by the ‘scuba’ segment but it was about this kind of ‘extreme’ swimming underwater while holding your breath really long, not actually scuba. He did undress for a wet suit. You’re right though…seems to have disappeared! Is the network forcing us to look at him only as a serious reporter?! Glad I could ogle while I could!

  18. I just saw him today reporting on Hurricane Irene and wondered who the hot reporter was, I knew I wouldn’t be the only one drooling over him.

  19. He did have a shirtless scene in a report on F3F (Formula 3 Freediving) in the Cayman islands it’s in the DiveFilm HD Video podcast on iTunes.

  20. i just want to have sex with him over and over and over,,,who cares if hes str8…would love to feel his bod next to mine in the bed…and yes i am a male…but who cares right >?

  21. Thank God you’ve settled the matter, because everyone knows that gay men never get married and have kids! (Except for the thousands who do, that is.)


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