Spike MayerI’ve started a new part of my blog this week simply called ‘Man Crushes’. I like guys that aren’t overexposed and are deserving of some attention and free press. Plus, I enjoy unleashing good looking guys with some talent upon the world. I’ve already introduced you all to ABC News’ Matt Gutman (and that seemed to have sparked an Internet sensation this week), Jake Ross of HealthCorps, and yoga instructor Tom Morley. And if for some reason you missed those posts, click on their names and enjoy – and you’re welcome. Well, now I’m choosing to feature someone you probably don’t know, but I think you should: Spike Mayer.

I know, take a gander. Now wouldn’t you rather be seeing this guy in movies like ‘Twilight’ rather than that dreadful looking Robert Pattinson? Spike is an actor and I’ve seen a few plays he was in when he was going to school in Durham, North Carolina. But let’s be honest – it’s hisĀ  dashing good looks, stereotypical “mother said stay away from bad boys like you”, piercing blue eyes that makes him stand out from the crowd. He’s now out in Los Angeles and, according to his Facebook page which is really (unfortunately) the only presence he has online, he also works as a personal trainer when he isn’t acting. Now wouldn’t you like a guy like Spike to work you out? Oh, the Blanche Devereaux like quips and hyper-sexualized come ons that come to mind that I shall keep to myself. But seriously, Hollywood, hello? Why isn’t this guy in some television shows, pilots, commercials, movies? I think someone needs to discover and sign this guy really quick. If you need more convincing, take a look at some of his modeling pics (Some taken by photographer Erika Hamlett) from his Facebook gallery:

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Spike Mayer

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