jake ross of healthcorpsIf you don’t watch Dr. Oz, shame on you! I mean, besides getting free expert advice on health and fitness, you’re missing out on the appearance of Jake Ross of HealthCorps. Jake works with Dr. Oz’s HealthCorps organization and is a fitness/health coach for youth. I have to say, I wish I had Jake Ross around during my fat days because just looking at this guy gets my daily dose of cardio in with the pitter-patter of my heart. I also think I burn a few calories just trying to make it through his segments on Dr. Oz. A month or two ago, he even got physical and showed his kids and Dr. Oz how to workout on the cheap. A lot like Matt Gutman of ABC World News, I’m rather surprised that there isn’t more on Jake on the internet! He has a blog … and appears on Dr. Oz … but this guy with a tight little body, model looks and adorable guy next door appeal basically has no photos or anything online! Here’s a little sampling of the hotness that is Jake Ross:

jake ross of healthcorps

Minor Update: Jake made his last appearance for the season on Dr. Oz today. Sad face. But, he’s not completely gone. Jake blogs for HealthCorps and also now has a Facebook page where you can keep track of him and his quest to keep us all fit and healthy. Along with some good tips on how to stay fit and healthy, he also has started a little photo album starring … himself! His photo album ‘The Healthy Life’ features Jake in all sorts of active activities like doing a hand-stand in a field, bowling, hot, shirtless and sweaty after physical activity. Yeah, I figured that’d hook a lot of people. Check out these photos from his Facebook group and join the group today to see what other treats he has in store:

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Jake Ross of HealthCorps

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  1. I wanted to let everyone know that my last episode of the season will air on the Dr. OZ show TODAY, July 19th. Check your local listings for times! Thanks for supporting me!

  2. Wow! I miss these episodes with Jake Ross. What a stud. Antoine – you shold write to Dr Oz and get him back on the show!


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