Student: “Hey Miss Sylvester, let’s get physical!”
Sue: “Not really my type but I like that attitude.”

“As soon as I figure out the difference between slander and libel I’m filing a lawsuit!” — Sue Sylvester

“You’re a slut, Will. You’re a slut. You’re a slut, you’re a slut, you’re a slut and everyone should know that. And you should know that I’m through with you!” — Emma to Will Schuester

“I’m kind of getting cold feet here.” — Artie
“Do you even feel your feet?” — Brittany

“We’re as menacing as Muppet Babies.” — Kurt

“Hello Sue, it’s Olivia Newton-John, star of ‘Grease’ – the most successful movie musical of all time.”
“Nice try, and that’s a ridiculous accent.” — Sue Sylvester

“Some people enjoy video taping themselves getting intimate with a partner. I happen to enjoy revisiting the impeccable form of my Jazzersize routines.” — Sue Sylvester

“What do you want, lady face?” — Sue Sylvester to Kurt

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