After the poptastic, thrilling, epic “Power of Madonna” episode, ‘Glee’ followed-up with a pretty tame, low-key, but more dramatic episode. I have to say, I like Quinn a bit more now that she’s calmed down and isn’t an uber-b*tch like she was during the first half of the season. I thought Kristin Chenoweth’s return as April Rhodes rocked – they really need to turn her character into a regular, in my opinion. Mercedes taking on Christina Aguilera’s ‘Beautiful’ rocked; the whole ‘One Less Bell to Answer/ A House Is Not a Home’ mash-up made for some dramatic t.v. and the ending number of The Wiz’s ‘Home’ just made for a perfect way to end what’s usually a dull Tuesday. My favorite line of the night, just because I live in North Carolina and am so sick of basketball:

“I hate Duke like I hate the Nazis.” — Burt Hummel

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