Excuses abound when it comes to people trying to explain why they can’t workout: they have no time, their schedule’s are too busy, they have kids, exercising doesn’t do anything for them. However, people will break their necks to catch their favorite show on television, to re-arrange their schedule every time Apple releases a new gadget and for anything else that doesn’t involve exercise or working out. These are the people who also say they wish they could be skinnier, they wish they looked like this or that celebrity, they wish they had time to workout. I wish these people would stop making excuses and start working out!

We’ve become a very lazy and excuse-riddled society. We want to point fingers, place the blame on someone else, blame our shortcomings on things out of our control. When it comes to getting a workout into your schedule, believe me, it’s not really all that hard. One simple cardio workout that many people enjoy because it has the potential to burn calories: running! All you need are some comfortable clothes, some good athletic/sport shoes and a pinch of will-power and you can go from being a couch sloth to a runner in no time.

Here’s my suggestion for those who claim they have no time to workout or run: literally RUN your errands! Think of your day and all of the things you have to do. You have to go to work, sometimes you drive long distances just to get your coffee or not-so-good-for-you breakfast from a fast food joint; you have to pay bills, pick up the kids, meet your gal or beau for lunch or dinner … there’s a lot of things that you have to get done each day. Why aren’t you literally running your errands? A lot of people are afraid of running and like to use the excuse that it destroys your knees. If you stretch, workout often and do leg exercises and actually learn what proper running form is, you won’t ‘destroy’ your knees.

Here’s why I’m a fan of “running” errands. First, you aren’t subjecting yourself to run, grueling sessions of non-stop running. It’s like running relays or stations in elementary school gym class: you park your car a distance away from where you need to go, strap on your shoes, run your errand and run back. Just with that action you’ve burned through some calories and have done it in a short period of time. Running in short spurts (termed interval training) has been researched and said to be better for you than long running sessions. People often think they must run one hour or 45 minutes straight to see any results. Not the case. Run in spurts and shorter periods and you’ll shed weight and blast through fat quicker!

The summer is approaching which means gas prices will sky rocket. Can you really afford to drive everywhere you go? Do you even need to drive everywhere you go? If your destination is a mile away, and it’s daylight … walk. There’s no reason why you need to start-up your car, waste the gas and skip the potential to run and burn some calories just to drive down the street. Going grocery shopping? Run with a little backpack and some reusable bags. The run there will get you a good workout and walking back with a few bags will add in some resistance training, again, speeding the weight loss, fat burning and muscle building process. Carrying heavy weights a distance (as you would with carrying bags from shopping) is a modified, everyman’s version of the muscle-builder move ‘the farmer’s walk’ and will definitely build your arms and work your entire body.

Running your errands also keeps your entire lifestyle moving and busy. Run to and from lunch; you’ve just slashed the calories of whatever you’ve ate. During your break at lunch, run a little and you’ve combated all the sugar and cream you’ve used in your coffee this morning. Run to pick-up your kids from school or sports practice and you’ve just gained an opportunity to walk them back home and you can actually TALK to them rather than driving and escorting them home in a car. If they’re older then hey, you both can run home together and it’ll encourage them to take your lead and never pass on an opportunity to workout. If you’re in a relationship, incorporate a run together into your daily ritual and you’re ensuring that you and your partner are staying healthy, looking good and you’ve earned the opportunity to work up a sweat and perhaps shower together later on! Running errands can definitely prove to be worth your while.

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