Ah, ‘Ugly Betty’. Dear drama filled, snappy, awkward, addictive ‘Ugly Betty’. ABC is doing you wrong. As with most of its canceled shows, ABC seems bent on justifying it’s decision to terminate the show by self-sabotaging what used to be one of it’s most popular shows. Since it was announced that Betty Suarez and clan wouldn’t be returning to the television screen next year, ABC (at least where I live) has pretty much stopped promoting this show. They don’t care about poor ole Betty anymore. The only time I see a promo for the last episodes of the show is at the end of the current week’s episode.

One of the things I like about ‘Ugly Betty’ and other shows that appeared on ABC around the same time it did (like ‘Desperate Housewives’ and ‘Brothers and Sisters’) is of course it’s recognition of gay people being in existence who don’t need to be the comic relief, prissy cardboard cut outs like the ‘Queer as Folk’ or ‘Will & Grace’ crowds. You have two big ‘mos on the show: Mark and Justin. And over the past season or two it seems like these two characters have really been forming a mentor/student bond that I didn’t see coming. I like that though Mark is sort of the nemesis of the show (behind Vanessa Williams’ Wilhelmina Slater, of course) he’s been shown to have a heart and to care about Justin who seems to be finding his way in his sexuality. Justin is overly flamboyant and plays into a lot of the stereotypes but at the same time, he’s like any other teenager and a bit insecure and unsure of himself when it comes to his sexuality.

Well, Justin had his big ‘moment’ last night. It’s the most homosexual thing he’s done since his character always seems to dance and prance around the ‘is he … isn’t he …?’ question all these seasons. He kissed a boy. It was awkward, it was exciting, it was one of those moments (the scene and the scene that followed when he wandered home and listened to Hilda’s speech about not letting others define who you are that she gave to Betty) just … great. There aren’t shows like this on television and that’s a shame. Betty is like a prime time soap; it’s very funny, amusing but more than any show it can tone down the theatrics and hit you in the heart and make you sit back and think and really care about the characters and what they have to say. In words taken from MacBeth, it’s a lot of substance and less about the art. So since ABC seemed not to care to promote their own show I decided to post the clip here. The last episodes of ‘Ugly Betty’ are now airing so definitely catch it before it’s a thing of the past!


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