“I don’t want to hear, I don’t want to know … please don’t say you’re sorry. I’ve heard it all before …” ~ Madonna.

Oh the media. What the heck has happened to reputable news and reporting? I’ve grown increasingly frustrated with the news over the past few years. Remember when ‘breaking news’ was something actually important? Like, a tornado barreling through town or planes crashing into buildings filled with innocent bystanders? Well, apparently those days are long passed. Breaking news now is celebrity breakdowns or admittance to infidelity by sports figures. Gimme a break!

I switched on ABC this late morning to check out one of my favorite programs, ‘The View’ and what should happen? The ‘boop-boop-boop – Breaking news from ABC! Tiger Woods is about to break his silence!’ Are you kidding me? I mean, seriously … are you kidding me? They’re going to interrupt regularly scheduled programming that advertisers help pay for … for a sports figure/celebrity to give an apology for his private life becoming public news? This is why people don’t watch the news. I can get this news from say, uh, Yahoo!, PerezHilton.com, TMZ. I should NOT be subjected to this on a regular station like ABC during normal programming hours.

This is why people dislike watching the news. The media has lost touch with itself. Nowadays, anything qualifies as ‘breaking news’ from minor accidents that cause traffic delays, to erroneous coverage of court cases that could easily be summed up in a 30-minute spot on the 5 o’clock news to news about celebrities keeling over or cheating. People … a man cheating on his wife, no matter who he is or what position his holds, is not BREAKING NEWS. It’s news, yes, but news that deserves around the clock coverage, interrupting programming, excessive dissections and discussions of his speech and gestures and mannerisms and all? No, it’s not breaking news. It’s also a private matter, one that doesn’t need to involve the public. If infidelity occurs in a relationship, it should remain between the two people. In private, they should be able to resolve these issues or consider contacting some of the divorce lawyers los angeles has to offer. This should help them to file for a divorce if that’s what they think would be best. Whatever they choose to do, it shouldn’t be publicized.

Now, on to Tiger. I have to say this: who cares? I mean, seriously, WHO CARES? What has Tiger Woods done for me? Nothing but occupy every facet of the media that I enjoy to partake in. Do I know him personally? No. Do you? I doubt it. So why do we need to follow his every move or hear about how he’s truly sorry he let us down? Well, Tiger, you didn’t need to apologize to me and didn’t let me down at all because I never expected much from you! I mean, you are a man … and I’m sorry, but men cheat, men lie and then they give their own version of the ‘woe is me, I am flawed’ speech asking for forgiveness. Since when is a heartfelt apology written down, rehearsed and prepared? If he really wanted to apologize he’d shoot from the hip, speak from the heart without worry about saying something that isn’t prepared for him! So, again, why waste our time with an apology? No doubt he’s trying to rescue his now tarnished reputation and image so someone will consider endorsing him in the future. As the Bible or Carrie on ‘Sex and the City’ phrased it, put your trust in no man! Let that be a lesson to those who unhealthily latch onto these celebrities and personalities and expect them to be perfect and flawless.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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