So, I was thinking about this conference coming up. The topic of the conference isn’t all that exciting; it’s pretty dry and it’s been done time and again. There are a few perks of attending, mainly the crowd, but the asking price of admittance is $60 for those who can afford it. I’m going to be honest; the only reason I’d attend this conference is to show off to a certain person I think is attending how I’ve gotten fitter, hotter and more confident than I was when we last crossed paths in 2008. That got me wondering, how much do we spend to show off, prove ourselves or to make a statement?

In the non-existent perfect world, we would all get along and when something bad happened to us in our life, we’d get over it and move on. Again, that’s in a world best fit for fairy tales and ’80s sitcoms. People love getting revenge. Girls (and guys) love having that moment in their life when they can really stick it to that person or group that wronged them or turned them down. It’s awesome, it’s the pinnacle moment of your existence where you just want to show off and show how brilliant and resilient you are and how you overcame the put downs, mockery and broken heartedness of the past.

I think people actually spend a lot on revenge. I think revenge is probably the motivating factor in a lot of wars, whether they be political or personal. I also think people will drop a lot of money to really get revenge for being jilted, done wrong or to settle a score. I’ve seen people get into relationships just to get at someone, spends lots of money in a club on a drink in hopes of appearing appealing to someone, countries go to war with another because one has something the other has.

I’m thinking I’ll skip the conference for another year. I think the best revenge I could serve up is not to appear, showing that I don’t really give a damn about said person or the lame conference. Still, getting revenge is very tempting but I’m not willing to spend $60 and mileage just to make a point of how great and grand I am. Guess I’ll have to do some creative brainstorming and come up with a budget revenge plot. I know Alexis Carrington (‘Dynasty’) and J.R. Ewing (‘Dallas’) would have no trouble coming up with something satisfying that wouldn’t break the bank …

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